Sunday, 22 March 2015

Inspirational Message Part 4

Never Stop Being You

Never stop caring about the little things in life
Never stop dreaming or give into strife
Never stop wondering, are we on our own
Never stop thinking has your spirituality grown

Never stop building bridges that leads to better tomorrows
Never stop trying or give into sorrow
Never stop feeling amazed at the beauty that surrounds you
Never stop hearing the music or give into the blues

Never stop pushing away negative thoughts that make you feel sad
Never stop looking at the all the miracles we have had
Never stop loving the ones you hold dear
Never stop giving or give into the fear

Never stop smiling and look forward to each new day
Never stop shining in your own special way
Never forget that all storms will clear
Remember brighter tomorrows are always near

By Terrie Brushette.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Inspirational Message Part 3

 This Is A Daily Reminder

This is a daily reminder
To relax
To not get angry over small things
To stay calm

This is a daily reminder
To be yourself
To not care what people think
To know you can be anything

This is a daily reminder
To love yourself
To not hurt yourself
To not work yourself up

This is a daily reminder
That you are beautiful
That you are amazing
That you will succeed

This is a daily reminder
To always have hope
To have faith
To know everything will be okay

This is a daily reminder
That you have made it so far already
That you haven't given up
That whatever you're doing is right
And that you are going to be amazing

Don't give up
Keep holding on and believing

By Nicolette.            

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Inspirational Message Part 2


Sometimes people go through life wondering what they're here for
or who we are supposed to spend our lives with
or even what we will do when we get older.
I know I ask myself those questions all the time
but why spend life wondering, or asking questions?
Life is too short to live wondering why or what.
You need to live your life,
love with your whole heart and don't hold back,
and laugh until you cry and it hurts to laugh anymore.
Life is here one day and gone the next.
So live like it is your last day to live,
and love like you've never been hurt.

By Miranda.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Inspirational Message Part 1

Life Is A Rose

Together, we all live different lives,
Whether we are doctors, students, or parents,
That can still make up a continuous field of roses.
A field of roses, shining yellow, red, white and pink,
Which subtly grow in the midst of time,
And day by day, their heads successfully rise,
slowly reaching the clear blue sky.

But sometimes, we may experience some terrible times,
That perhaps are caused by downfalls from the past,
Each downfall is like a falling petal.
Petal after Petal, a person we once loved,
whether it was a friend or a parent,
Suddenly leaves our precious hearts,
Which result in a permanent painful scar.
But as this growing pain slowly enters
And gradually controls every root of our bodies,
We'll discover, in the end, that our shadow still remains.

As our body, our stem still stands alone,
Weak, thirsty, gradually falling into the warm earth's soil.
And just as there were times that put us
in a state of loneliness and despair,
New lives begin to blossom
as the pollen's internal strength paint them gold.

Life, it is not something of fear nor shame
but something that will continuously fall and rise.
So, let the lives be remarkable, radiant roses,
Roses that sparkle in the fields forever.

By Talish.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hello March...

"Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything"

Happy March :)

Well its finally March! Where did January/February go? Honestly i don't think i'll ever know the answer to that question, just because i cannot quite possibly believe how fast every single month goes by. Whenever i try to make sense of 'time', i somehow find myself feeling confused and a little lost, so i've just learned to accept that time will always travel by very quickly before our eyes. Moving on, am just grateful because March is the month of weather & season change as Winter comes to an end and its the return/beginning of Spring (My Favourite Season) thats if you live in the northern hemisphere, i love spring - am a Spring person and always will be :). March has the potential to be a beautiful month filled with new beginnings, light, happiness and more but however that all depends on you, your mindset, your attitude. 
The choice is yours..

I just wanted to share a little (message) with you guys tonight and hopefully you will take something from it, be inspired somehow and implement it into your life and essentially in March. Happiness takes work, to find happiness you need to dig deep, you need to make search for it and you need to understand that it is something on the inside which you bring out. Reliance on a certain object or materialistic thing does not necessarily bring you "happiness" because what if what made you "happy" was taken away from you? then what will you have? take a moment, think, reflect and question? True happiness/peace comes from enjoying, appreciating and loving life innocently, simply. Finding happiness does not have to be hard at all, why? because we all already have the natural ability created purely within us to be simply happy without a reason, truthfully it is better to just be happy and smiley for no reason like a child :). Happiness is an inside job, its you, its your family, friends and life. What brings us happiness shouldn't really be 'things' but rather priceless..

Search for happiness hopefully and you will see it. Search for gratitude gracefully and you will feel it. Search for patience persistently and you will find it.

I hope you always find a reason to smile...

Happy March Beautiful People, Think New Beginnings
Start Every New Day With A Positive & Colourful Thought
This March, I Challenge You All To Be Happy Daily
Love You Guys, Thank You For The Amazing Support :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy January 2015 ~ Be Grateful

Hello Guys!

Well it's officially 2015, which i am still getting used to if am being honest with you guys, 2014 is no longer here, it is now in the past/a part of the past which is weird to write yet state and think about altogether. It's already day 3 (of January/this month) about to be day 4 here in the UK, i have a good feeling this month will end before we all know it, just you watch hahaha, even though i feel like i can never keep up with time or get over just how fast every day, week, month, season and year seems to go by. I honestly pray and hope that this is a great year for us all and everyone. 

A little advice i wanted to share is about being more grateful this year. Majority, undermine the beauty of gratitude, the power it holds and the blessings it can bring. To be a grateful person or just being grateful daily is a wonderful thing. Gratitude however doesn't come easy, why? because firstly its about training your mind to be more grateful, to see the beauty of life despite the many hardships that befall you and to realise how blessed you are to have the life you do have, regardless of how terrible you may think your life seems. This year make an extra effort to be more grateful-to incorporate more gratitude into your everyday life. Be mindful and aware of what you have, remember majority of the time you have what you need and not what you necessarily want or desire. Being grateful can bring you more happiness, many health benefits and more than you can possibly imagine, give it a go :-)

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

❅ Winter Break || Things To Try ❅

Hello Guys, 

It is the last day of December & 2014 and i have no words, because i swear it feels like it was January literally like yesterday, ((even though technically it's been more than that, more like a year)) and am hoping that am not the only one who feels this way. In my mind right now am just thinking, "where did this year go" is 2014 somehow, possibly or maybe even hiding under our beds? No/Yes?! :P, i don't know but one thing i do know is that every single day, week, month, season and year flies by quicker than we could ever fathom or imagine. Moving on can i just say a big "THANK YOU" to each and every single one of you guys/my readers who made this year amazing, you guys are truly wonderful and i consider you all like my friends. Thank you, am grateful for every support, every reader and for everything. Am happy-humbled to have all the beautiful support and if i could hug you all individually i definitely would. Again, thank you all so much :-)

In today's blog post i will be sharing with you all some ideas/suggestions on things you could try or even do this Winter Break/Winter. I know the feeling of boredom, the feeling of having absolutely no ideas or plans on what to do, the feeling of wanting to give up. Well maybe after reading this blog post/the list of suggestions you may just change your outlook, you may understand that simple things or activities can be just as fun and you may realise that sometimes it is actually better to think outside the box and get creative. If you run out of ideas then just remember it's the little things that count like spending time with your family, being grateful for another new day and realising how blessed you are. Never take anything for granted. Stay happy despite your hardships, be the best version of youself and most importantly stay thankful always. Have a great evening/night :-)

Winter Break || Things You Could Try 

❅ 1 Watch movies/films as much as you want be at home or at the cinema. 
❅ 2 Bake some delicious treats or goodies, make it a family project by involving everyone.
❅ 3 Watch the sunrise and sunset, its the little things that matter sometimes.
❅ 4 Why not go ice skating with your friends, even if you can't skate just give it a try.
❅ 5 Get creative and try different homemade hot chocolate recipes.
❅ 6 Write up a list of things that make you Happy, keep it with you as a little reminder.
❅ 7 Pass the time, by catching up with some of your favourite shows/programmes.
❅ 8 Be kind-generous and prepare/make: breakfast, lunch and dinner for your family.
❅ 9 Try reading books, its a refreshing change from being on the internet 24/7.
❅ 10 Clean/clear up your home, you'll be amazed how much better your home will look.
❅ 11 If its snowing where you live, then have lots of fun in the snow-snowball fights.
❅ 12 Do some fun DIYS, from crafting, to drawing/painting to jewellery making.
❅ 13 Take a hot relaxing-soothing bath, this is a great way to de-stress.
❅ 14 Make the most of your free time by staying in bed just chilling :)

Hope you all are having a great last day of December & 2014...

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Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hiya There//Happy December,

We are now a week into the last month of the year which is unbelievably confusing to start thinking about as this year literally flew by/ran away from us. Still cannot believe the first week of December is almost gone, i have a feeling this month will fly by the fastest. Well guys make this month great, amazing and fabulous, you all have the power to shine brighter than ever. Go after your dreams, throw away any doubts whether its from your own mind/heart, or family or even from people who constantly put you down, ignore the negativity, have self belief and truly believe that you can achieve your dream/s. This December i challenge you all to think new beginnings, think new chances and think happiness. Life is a gift so appreciate your life/what you have.

Sometimes everything in life gets a little too much, we all get uninspired, disappointed, fed up and lose hope but that's not the right attitude to have because even though it may seem like your world is falling apart someone else who is far more less fortunate than yourself would love to take your place and have your blessings, your life and your home because truthfully their life is probably unbearable, painful and extremely hard with many hardships more than we could ever imagine so please do remember to stay grateful every single day, remember to help those who really need it and remember to always have faith/hope. I know it is never easy to stay positive twenty four seven but all am encouraging here is for you guys to just try, that's all, no more and no less. Life will have many ups and downs, some good times and some bad times but just know that with time eventually everything will seem brighter.

Have a Beautiful December/Last Month of 2014 - Smile, Happiness is A Choice :)

::This December Go After Your Dreams, Throw Away Any Doubts::
Give Back To The Homeless, Donate To A Charity, Help Out Your Own Family/Friend/s. 
Be Giving This Month To Everyone & To Every Living Thing. 
Be Kind To Everyone You Meet ~ Happy Vibes Only!


Sunday, 30 November 2014