Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Autumn.../How To & DIY Candle Holders

Hiya My Lovelies....

Its been awhile since i've posted which is pretty bad considering i decided to blog consistently.. (Mission Failed). However there has been one major change since i last posted which is the 'season change', because it is no longer summer and it's officially Autumn which is pretty scary because i felt as though summer just started yesterday, pretty weird huh?.. 
   Anyway let me get to the topic of this blog so recently after taking a long break from '', i have gone back to obsessing over the website again and what i love about 'weheartit' is that you can heart a ton of images and it'll automatically be saved in your own personal gallery', i mean how awesome is that.. so whenever you want to find a particular image which you hearted awhile back or recently, it'll be there sitting in your gallery waiting for you. As the website states it's, 'A home for your inspiration'... & if you guys are like me and love looking at inspiring, beautiful and amazing images then go on over to 'weheartit' and sign up today.. Trust me you guys will love it!!!

Here is a cool DIY Project which is perfect to welcome in the Autumn/Fall season, yep it is a 'DIY' Candle Holder/s & yes i found some of these online and hearted them to my gallery through my heart button on my browser which i downloaded and others were found on the website. So this DIY is pretty simple all you need is a couple of glass jars/containers of your choice (Style & Size wise), some candles (again of your choice), some imagination and a sprinkle of inspiration and your done..  Here are some of my favorites!!! Remember the possibilities are endless.. These amazing DIY Candle holders are just a few of a thousand..  

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

All images included can be found at:                                                                             

Stay tuned for more regular posts on all things Fashion, How to's/DIY's(in art/craft making, decorating/re-vamping old and new pieces & accessories creating), Health and beauty & Lifestyle..(Trust me this time am going try my best and work hard just for you guys :)...  

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Happy Autumn Guys..... I hope you all have a great Thursday as well.. Remember to Smile :)..

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