Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bye Bye October.. Hello November

Whats Up Guys...

Today is the last day of October which for me isn't much of a shock as every month of the year goes by super fast. However with that being said i cannot believe that there's only two months left until it is the end of 2012 and the start of 2013.. Shocking Right??? But its understandable however..

So i wanted to mark the end of October and welcome in November with a fashion blog post, which i hope will enable you all to get excited about the rest of Autumn in this upcoming month.

                Six 'must have' Fashion/Accessory items from my favorite online store:

Bag Yourself A Bargain: Each item is under £13

1) Lace Shoulder Bag: Be lace lovely with this beautiful lace bag available in white, beige & black. Lace is another Fall 2012 trend which is why we should all have at least one lace fashion/accessory item and what a bargain your getting with this amazing shoulder tote bag which is guaranteed to keep you lace happy. £12.55

2) Double Finger Mustache Ring: I've been seeing this mustache ring everywhere this season and it's so on trend at the minute, not that it matters if it's on trend or not. This adjustable ring is available in thirteen colors which is great as it allows you to choose it in your favorite color. Be Fall ready with this adorable ring. £0.99p

3) Quilted Jacket: If you haven't already noticed it the 'Quilted' trend is big for the Autumn/Winter months. This trend is everywhere from quilted phone cases, bags to quilted boots. Bag yourself a bargain with this chic quilted jacket which will ensure you stay on trend and be Fall ready for November. £9.99

4) Leopard Print Scarf: Regardless of  current trends a leopard print scarf is a timeless necessary accessory for the Autumn/Winter time. You can never go wrong with any leopard print fashion item as it is the new neutral. Finish off your daily casual wear/outfit with this steal of a deal large leopard print scarf. £1.25

5) Chiffon Shirt: Show your impeccable sense of style with this chiffon shirt, this shirt should be a wardrobe staple for every women and girl out there as it is perfect for night outs, casual day wears etc. Add this sleeveless beautiful shirt into your fall closet and be the envy of many also available in wine, dark orange. £9.99

6) Leather Gloves: In many countries worldwide the cold Autumn weather is certainly underway and am definitely feeling it here in London. So a pair of dark nude gloves for the colder months is a must. Stay warm in style with these gorgeous gloves. Also available in black, brown, light nude in sizes small, medium and large. £6.99

Hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these beautiful bargains because i know i did.

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire....

Links to all six items listed:
1) Lace Shoulder Bag:
2) Double Finger Mustache Ring:
3) Quilted Jacket:
4) Leopard Print Scarf:
5) Chiffon Shirt:
6) Leather Gloves:

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Monday, 22 October 2012

My Jewellery Junkie Series...

Hiya girls...

So today's post marks the birth of my Jewellery Junkie blog post series. This series will be based on all things jewellery if you haven't already guessed it from the title. I've come to the realization that i am such a jewellery junkie i mean i actually enjoy shopping for jewellery more than i do clothes. So acknowledging that am such a jewellery addict i decided to create a 'Jewellery Junkie' series were I'll be sharing with you the:

-Latest Jewellery Trends
-DIY Jewellery/Accessories
-Celebrity Jewellery: Look For Less
-My Jewellery Must Haves/Favorites
-DIY Jewellery Holders/Storage

So stay tuned soon for all things jewellery related and keep an eye out for my 'Jewellery Junkie' blog post series...

Have a fabulous Monday and remember.. Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire.. 

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Beauty Tip: Get Beautiful Lips...

 Hello Girls...

In today's post i will be sharing a lip related beauty tip which i actually discovered years ago i think it was back in either 2005 or 2006 at the ages of 14/15 when i got tired of always having dry lips. My lips were so dry that my friends and some of the other kids at school would notice or mention my chapped lips. It's a beauty tip that i have sworn by ever since and i also taught this tip to my twin sister who absolutely loves it as well. It's kind of amazing to think that at the age of 21 am still using this lip tip.

Ever suffered with dry/chapped lips? It isn't a pretty sight is it? In fact majority of us suffer more with dry/chapped lips during the colder months (Autumn/Winter). There are many ways nowadays to achieve beautiful, soft and well moisturized lips such as:

-Regularly applying lip balm to protect your lips
-Avoiding drying products which won't benefit your lips
-Limiting your exposure to the sun and wind
-Drinking lots of water to hydrate your body to help your chapped lips
-Avoid licking and biting your lips constantly etc...

The list could go on but am sure you guys get the message that there are a lot of helpful remedies and tips in order to combat dry/chapped lips to achieve well moisturized lips. My lip tip is simple in fact it will save you money in buying those lip scrub products which can sometimes be very harsh, painful and can also cause redness which am sure nobody wants.

Lip Tip:
Before you sleep apply a generous amount of Vaseline, ( i personally prefer the baby powder scented one). When i say generous i mean about 2-3 coats of Vaseline onto your lips. You'll know that you've applied a generous amount when your lips feel full of Vaseline product.

The next step is in the morning, you'll start to notice right after you wake up that most of the Vaseline has either stayed on your lips throughout the entire night, dried up slightly or in some cases has completely gone off your lips, either way all it pretty much means is that it's worked in softening your lips, so it'd be easier to remove the dead/dry skin cells on your lips in the next step. It's as though you've had a mini lip treatment whilst you were asleep. In some cases it could also mean that the majority of the Vaseline came off onto your pillow during the night if you are a person who tosses and turns a lot whilst asleep, which i can be too.

You then need a small towel or washcloth and all you need to do is to wet it with water and ensuring it is slightly damp use it to gently scrub of the dead/dry skin cells off your lips you can also do this step by gently rubbing your finger onto your lips. Make sure you don't go over board with scrubbing your lips too much as it can cause bleeding, irritated and dry lips. Afterwards you just wash your lips with water and apply a good lip balm.

Now remember even though your lips are now soft you still need to keep them moisturized by applying a good lip balm throughout the day. Use this beauty tip every night before you sleep to achieve gorgeous lips.

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Internet Loves...

Hello Lovelies...

Today's blog post is on my internet loves. What i wanted to share with you guys is my current internet favorites from my fav online store to my fav Youtuber. If that takes your interest then please do continue reading... 

Fav Online Store: Ebay - I've been loving Ebay for there amazing bargains and great deals from clothing to home decor products. To me it seems like there's nothing Ebay doesn't have. You guys should definitely go and check out Ebay, you really wont be disappointed in fact you'll be addicted.

Fav Film: Cyberbully- I discovered this film through Youtube, its a film which focuses on cyber bulling, starring the talented 'Emily Osment'. This film actually made me acknowledge the harsh realities behind social network sites sometimes. It definitely is an educational film so please do check it out.

Fav Blog: There is this DIY/Lifestyle blog called, 'lil blue boo', and the genius women behind this blog is called Ashley Hackshaw. I think she has one of the best blogs i've seen in my life. I've just loved reading some of her posts and shes such an incredibly talented and creative women. Go and check out her blog..

Fav Reality TV Show: Without a doubt has got to be the X Factor (UK). This years talent is out of this world, like literally every category has strong contenders who have a great chance of winning. My favorite singer has got to be 'Kye Sones', in the over 28's category i just think he has such a unique singing voice.

Fav Youtuber: I've always been addicted to Youtube and i love the feeling of getting new videos in my subscription box. The beautiful Youtuber's name is 'Ingrid', also known as 'Missglamorazzi'. She's not only adorable but makes absolutely amazing videos which are so fantastic to watch, so check out her channel.

Fav Social Network Site: Since making a twitter account i actually started to hate Facebook and wasn't keen on it anymore. However this past month it almost seems like i've rediscovered it and taken a liking to it again oddly. I love sharing my great finds to how am feeling with my friends on Facebook.

Fav Song: Has got to be 'Ready or Not' by Bridgit Mendler. This song has such a fun/upbeat vibe which instantly gets me in a great mood. I don't really relate to the message being portrayed through the song but i still do love the song and Bridgit has such a fresh voice which is very distinct. Check out her song.

Fav Picture Website: You guys will probably know this but it has definitely got to be 'weheartit', i feel like this is the picture site i go to for inspiration. I feel myself going on this site to pass time and to just get great ideas. If you love the sound of browsing through awesome pictures then go and check out weheartit.

Fav Blog Post of mine: I've recently started to blog and i have loved sharing all things DIY, Fashion, Beauty, Health and Lifestyle etc. I have to admit though i do love posting DIY blog posts just because i love DIY. However my Fav blog post of mine has go to be the, 'Be inspired: DIY Bracelets/Bangles' post.

Fav Music Video: My fav music video has got to be 'Wings' by the UK girl band 'Little Mix'. The music video is so edgy, fresh and young which actually matches all four girls images/personalities very well. I also love the message portrayed through the song as well. Go and check out Little Mix's music video.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Internet Loves...

Have a brilliant and productive Monday guys & remember to always keep smiling because things do get better. Trust me it's worked for me a lot of times, positivity always kills negativity. Just believe in yourself... Because you can do it..

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Be Inspired: DIY Bracelets/Bangles...

Hey Girls!!!

Am actually very excited about today's post just because i love these sort of blog posts where i get to share my favorite DIY ideas with you and also because am such a DIY/Craft Girl.
       I've recently been so obsessed with looking online for a ton of cool DIY projects/ideas for you guys and actually for myself as well because its always great to get inspired so you can get creative.Whenever i do get extra time i will definitely be sure to post pictures of my DIYed bracelets along side a step by step guide on how i made them. So do keep your eyes peeled open for cool upcoming DIY step by step projects done by moi very soon.

DIY bracelets/bangles are great for stacking and actually help to create a beautiful arm candy when mixed and matched with your favorite bracelets/bangles and your watch of course. What i most love about this DIY is that its completely up to you in what route you decide to take, whether it be making beaded bracelets,  zipper bracelets, fabric bangles, recycled/upcycled bracelets/bangles, hardware/string styled bracelets (using chains/bolts from any hardware store then using sturdy string to make it )- making sure there skin safe), printed glass bangles, braided/plaited bracelets, magazine or newspaper bangles, crocheted, woven or knitted bangles even baked bracelets, crazy right but as you can see the list could go on so am sure you guys now realize that the possibilities are endless.

You've just got to be creative and willing to not only learn how to make some of these DIY bracelets/bangles but motivated in creating something inspirational, distinct, beautiful yet functional. Am hoping that you'll leave this blog post feeling inspired and wanting to go and make your own after seeing some of  these amazing bracelets and bangles.
Here are the pictures I found: 'Prepare to feast your eyes on a ton of  beautiful DIYed Bracelets/Bangles, the images below is what i call 'eye candy'. Enjoy........

 Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

You have now reached the end of the 50 beautiful pictures i posted of  the DIYed bracelets/bangles which i found online, hope you enjoyed browsing through it...

You must be thinking this girl is crazy to have found all these images but you'll probably be even more shocked when i tell you that i found them all this morning just before i posted this...

Have a Terrific Thursday.... Let me know what you think am always open for your opinions and ideas.

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