Sunday, 7 October 2012

5 Tips to stay healthy during Autumn/Winter

Now that Autumn is upon us am sure that the majority of us will be catching the odd bout of cold, flu, stomach bugs etc, the list can go on but today i wanted to share my five top tips on how you can stay healthy during the colder months (Autumn/Winter).
    I obviously follow more than five things in order to stay healthy but these are my top five. Before i begin i want to quickly state that i am no health professional nor do i have any expertise in health and the tips am about to list below are simple things which am aware of and researched which will help me and you stay healthy and minimize/combat any future colds/flu's.

1) Hand Hygiene: We must all note the importance of hand hygiene because not only can it minimize germs and kill harmful bacteria on our hands but it can also make a substantial difference in ensuring that the percentage of us getting ill can decrease rapidly. Majority of us do wash our hands but sadly not always in the correct manner. I've observed and realized that a lot women simply just slap on some anti-bacterial gel/soap and wash there hands quickly with water without actually cleaning there hands properly first with the gel/soap alone. Now if you fall under that category then make sure that from now onwards you take your time while washing your hands. It's also imperative to carry a travel size hand sanitizer in your bag/purse to ensure that you can have clean hands on the go. Remember that 'alcohol-based hand sanitizer can dry your skin, look for products that contain moisturizers to counteract the drying effect.'

 2) Fitness/Exercise: I know that during the colder months we all struggle to stay active, truthfully i struggle with this myself. It wouldn't hurt us if we put a little more effort into staying healthy by exercising regularly be in the comfort of your own home, at the park or even by going to the gym. We should never blame our lack of exercising and staying active on a daily basis on the cold weather. Keeping our fitness level up during the winter months actually helps us feel more happy, energetic and less unhealthy. Taking up a new sport which you are interested in and like can ensure you stay healthy and fit and will get rid of any 'excuses' you may have to not exercise. Also if your not a Gym person like myself then why not workout in the comfort of your own home by purchasing a couple of workout dvd's, using your body weight for a simple workout or by buying some small fitness equipment to keep you staying healthy and active

3) Drink Water: Drinking plenty of water is commonly known to do a lot of great things for our bodies but the question here is why do we need to drink more water in general and to stay healthy. Well let me first start off by saying that you need to drink water to remove any toxic wastes that your body has accumulated.You also need water to ensure that your body keeps on running healthily. Having itchy, dry or problematic skin, constipation, sneezing frequently, feeling bloated, getting headaches or dry coughs is related to being very dehydrated and not drinking enough water. Staying properly hydrated will ensure that your body can better defend itself against all kinds of illness's and diseases. Sure it'll be more annoying taking regular trips to the bathroom due to the cold weather but it'll be worth it when you realize that you don't get ill as often. It is recommended that we drink eight glasses of water a day however this can vary due to exercising or the types of food you consume. To stay feeling healthy it is important that we keep up our water intake.

4) Nutrition: Cleaning up our nutrition will definitely ensure that we win the health award this autumn/winter as it'll help us on our way to possessing better food habits. Its easy for us all to eat our weight in junk/comfort food when the days get colder but that's when we need to put a stop to our bad eating habits. Eating sugary snacks, deep fried foods, greasy meals, frozen/microwaved foods and processed meat can be very bad for us and it will only increase our chances of becoming not only very unhealthy but also over-weight. So to ensure that we minimize those chances eating fresh vegetables and fruits will make sure that we get our five a day, we get the important nutrients and vitamins needed as well as ensuring that we keep our junk food consumption to a minimal. Keep in mind the well known saying of an 'apple a day keeps the doctor away', am sure that this doesn't always work but if you apply this saying to eating more fruit and veg's and to eating more healthier foods then am sure it'll work.

5) Sleep: First of all sleep in general is important for a persons health and well being, having a good nights sleep will make a vast difference in ensuring that we function at out best during the day. Not having enough sleep can cause our bodies to function poorly throughout the day which will increase our risks of catching a lot of illness's and unwanted stomach bugs. Sleep also makes sure your heart is functioning healthily, by getting between 7-9hrs a sleep per night will guarantee that you have a healthy heart. You need sleep to ensure that your body rests and repairs from the previous day, with stress being at the top of the list. If you never make time for sleep then am afraid that you have a higher risk of  weight gain, depression, getting heart diseases/cancers etc sounds quite brutal but that is a possibility. For example say if you were to go out of your house with no sleep and no food? What exactly would happen to you? A lot of things could happen right? So to reduce your chances of leading or living an unhealthy life make sure you get a good nights sleep.

Hope you found this health related blog post useful.... Have A Happy Sunday.... :)

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    1. Thank You so much for your awesome comment and support I really appreciate it a lot! Thank You for agreeing with my five tips :). Exactly your definitely right, yes they are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Woow you go girl! That's pure dedication right there, am glad that it is helping you out health wise and glad to read that it Will further help you out with your self defence which is pretty great like you said as well as handy! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR COMMENT! Have a great day and weekend!