Thursday, 11 October 2012

Be Inspired: DIY Bracelets/Bangles...

Hey Girls!!!

Am actually very excited about today's post just because i love these sort of blog posts where i get to share my favorite DIY ideas with you and also because am such a DIY/Craft Girl.
       I've recently been so obsessed with looking online for a ton of cool DIY projects/ideas for you guys and actually for myself as well because its always great to get inspired so you can get creative.Whenever i do get extra time i will definitely be sure to post pictures of my DIYed bracelets along side a step by step guide on how i made them. So do keep your eyes peeled open for cool upcoming DIY step by step projects done by moi very soon.

DIY bracelets/bangles are great for stacking and actually help to create a beautiful arm candy when mixed and matched with your favorite bracelets/bangles and your watch of course. What i most love about this DIY is that its completely up to you in what route you decide to take, whether it be making beaded bracelets,  zipper bracelets, fabric bangles, recycled/upcycled bracelets/bangles, hardware/string styled bracelets (using chains/bolts from any hardware store then using sturdy string to make it )- making sure there skin safe), printed glass bangles, braided/plaited bracelets, magazine or newspaper bangles, crocheted, woven or knitted bangles even baked bracelets, crazy right but as you can see the list could go on so am sure you guys now realize that the possibilities are endless.

You've just got to be creative and willing to not only learn how to make some of these DIY bracelets/bangles but motivated in creating something inspirational, distinct, beautiful yet functional. Am hoping that you'll leave this blog post feeling inspired and wanting to go and make your own after seeing some of  these amazing bracelets and bangles.
Here are the pictures I found: 'Prepare to feast your eyes on a ton of  beautiful DIYed Bracelets/Bangles, the images below is what i call 'eye candy'. Enjoy........

 Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

You have now reached the end of the 50 beautiful pictures i posted of  the DIYed bracelets/bangles which i found online, hope you enjoyed browsing through it...

You must be thinking this girl is crazy to have found all these images but you'll probably be even more shocked when i tell you that i found them all this morning just before i posted this...

Have a Terrific Thursday.... Let me know what you think am always open for your opinions and ideas.

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  1. Hey ,i found your blog by looking for some dys posts,this one is really great
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    1. Thank you so much, am glad you enjoyed reading through it :). Thank you i will be sure to follow back :). I actually just visited your blog, you seem to have a great blog with great posts & content, keep up the great work. Thanks again for stopping by :D. X