Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fall for Burgundy..

This seasons hottest IT color is 'Burgundy' also known as maroon, oxblood, wine, crimson or dark red. It was not only seen on the majority of the Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalk shows/runways but it is everywhere at the minute from the high-street to the high-end stores.
       Burgundy is the 'big' color this season just like Tangerine/Orange was for the Spring/Summer seasons. However, this Burgundy color does come in a lot of shades/tones which spoils us for choice, for example my hoodie (kindly given to me by my Twin sister), has a more richer/darker tone as opposed to my maxi skirt which is more of a muted burgundy color.

'Burgundy is the new Black'
            'The new hot hue for Fall 2012 is Burgundy'
                            'Fall for Burgundy this season'
                                           ' Burgundy to Fall is what Sunshine is to Summer'

 If your still unsure and unwilling to take this big step then why not mix this oxblood color into your outfit with some black, either through your shirt/tops, accessories, shoes, skirts or even your jewellery. It's all about trying something new but at the same time doing what works best for you and making sure your feel comfortable and confident at the same time. Give it a Go...

From Summer 'coral' to Fall 'crimson', this color sure is a wardrobe 'must have' for us all. You can also stay on board with this seasons color by incorporating it into your makeup, whether it be wearing a dramatic-dark red smokey eye look to supporting a subtle maroon lipstick color. As you can see the possibilities of incorporating this seasons color are endless. So don't be afraid of getting it wrong, instead feel confident about getting it right. The Choice is yours... So You Decide...

Keep a look out for more fashion blog posts where i will cover a lot more of the hottest Autumn/Winter trends...

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