Monday, 15 October 2012

Internet Loves...

Hello Lovelies...

Today's blog post is on my internet loves. What i wanted to share with you guys is my current internet favorites from my fav online store to my fav Youtuber. If that takes your interest then please do continue reading... 

Fav Online Store: Ebay - I've been loving Ebay for there amazing bargains and great deals from clothing to home decor products. To me it seems like there's nothing Ebay doesn't have. You guys should definitely go and check out Ebay, you really wont be disappointed in fact you'll be addicted.

Fav Film: Cyberbully- I discovered this film through Youtube, its a film which focuses on cyber bulling, starring the talented 'Emily Osment'. This film actually made me acknowledge the harsh realities behind social network sites sometimes. It definitely is an educational film so please do check it out.

Fav Blog: There is this DIY/Lifestyle blog called, 'lil blue boo', and the genius women behind this blog is called Ashley Hackshaw. I think she has one of the best blogs i've seen in my life. I've just loved reading some of her posts and shes such an incredibly talented and creative women. Go and check out her blog..

Fav Reality TV Show: Without a doubt has got to be the X Factor (UK). This years talent is out of this world, like literally every category has strong contenders who have a great chance of winning. My favorite singer has got to be 'Kye Sones', in the over 28's category i just think he has such a unique singing voice.

Fav Youtuber: I've always been addicted to Youtube and i love the feeling of getting new videos in my subscription box. The beautiful Youtuber's name is 'Ingrid', also known as 'Missglamorazzi'. She's not only adorable but makes absolutely amazing videos which are so fantastic to watch, so check out her channel.

Fav Social Network Site: Since making a twitter account i actually started to hate Facebook and wasn't keen on it anymore. However this past month it almost seems like i've rediscovered it and taken a liking to it again oddly. I love sharing my great finds to how am feeling with my friends on Facebook.

Fav Song: Has got to be 'Ready or Not' by Bridgit Mendler. This song has such a fun/upbeat vibe which instantly gets me in a great mood. I don't really relate to the message being portrayed through the song but i still do love the song and Bridgit has such a fresh voice which is very distinct. Check out her song.

Fav Picture Website: You guys will probably know this but it has definitely got to be 'weheartit', i feel like this is the picture site i go to for inspiration. I feel myself going on this site to pass time and to just get great ideas. If you love the sound of browsing through awesome pictures then go and check out weheartit.

Fav Blog Post of mine: I've recently started to blog and i have loved sharing all things DIY, Fashion, Beauty, Health and Lifestyle etc. I have to admit though i do love posting DIY blog posts just because i love DIY. However my Fav blog post of mine has go to be the, 'Be inspired: DIY Bracelets/Bangles' post.

Fav Music Video: My fav music video has got to be 'Wings' by the UK girl band 'Little Mix'. The music video is so edgy, fresh and young which actually matches all four girls images/personalities very well. I also love the message portrayed through the song as well. Go and check out Little Mix's music video.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Internet Loves...

Have a brilliant and productive Monday guys & remember to always keep smiling because things do get better. Trust me it's worked for me a lot of times, positivity always kills negativity. Just believe in yourself... Because you can do it..

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

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