Monday, 1 October 2012

Life Style: My September Favorites...

So it's officially the first day of October here in the UK and i decided to start this month with a list of my 6 favorite/most used items of this past month..

Am really shocked as to how quickly September went by. I remember thinking when the month started that it was going to be a great month for me just because September is one of my favorite months along side February, April, June, November and thankfully it was a great month. Yes i have five favorite months!!!.. Is that weird? I hope not...

1) Tassel Bag: My most worn accessory of the month has got to be my black tassel bag. This bag is tasselicous [see what i did there] for its inexpensive price the quality of the tassels and the bag itself is pretty amazing. Comparing this tassel bag to other tassel bags available on the high street this one sure is a winner in my eyes. The gold detailing on the handle of the bag  is awesome and gives this shoulder bag some edge. A bonus is that it has a longer strap which you can use if you want extra length or take it off if you don't need it.

 2) Favorite Picture Website: This is not going to come as any surprise but it has to be the picture site, 'WeHeartIt', i love this website for its inspiring images i mean there's nothing that this website doesn't have, its that amazing. What i love about this site is that you can sign up through your Twitter account or Facebook account. I also admire its user friendly interface as its very simple & easy to navigate your way through the site and i love the fact that you can heart a ton of images and it'll automatically be saved to your 'WeHeartIt' personal gallery, so if you ever want to go back and find an image you hearted recently or awhile back it'll be there in your gallery.

3)E45 Lotion (500ml): This last month my face has been acting up and i have been getting a lot of rashes on my face and because i was super busy i didn't have time to take a trip to my Clinic/GP to get it checked out, however though i have been using this cream persistently and consistently and I've got to tell you that i have now waved goodbye to those rashes on my face and my face is not only looking healthier but more toned and much clearer. Trust me though it burnt my face like hell at first, which meant it was working but as i carried on using it for over a week i noticed that my skin didn't burn so much, as it did at the beginning. One thing I'd say is that this cream might not work for everyone the way it worked for me because we all have different skin types.

4) Lilley Womens Black Diamante Buckle Ballerina Flats: I don't seem to know why but i have been so obsessed with these pair of ballerina flats, that i have worn them non-stop and I'm actually surprised that they are still holding up as am pretty sure that i wore them every single day last month. These shoes are great for casual wear as well as for dressy occasion wear. The diamante buckle detailing is what makes the shoes for me, as it is so classy yet casual and perfect for a day out of  non-stop walking. This image doesn't do it justice but if your interested in them, i suggest you go on over to (Shoe Zone) the link will be down below and check it out for yourself.

5) Favorite You Tuber (ThatsHeart): Heart is such a sweet Fashion/Beauty guru on You Tube and i love her for her energetic personality and her uplifting videos. I love how shes always so happy, full of life and extremely bubbly, its those qualities which make you want to keep watching every single video of hers. She such an adorable person and she has been my favorite You-Tuber to watch last month. So go and check her out on You Tube, trust me guys you'll love her.             

6) Kate Moss (Velvet Hour): This fragrance of my mine has been sitting at the bottom part of on my bed side stand for such a long time, i think its just over two years since i last used it. I received this fragrance gift set, (April) 2009 for my 18th birthday and i remember that i wasn't too keen on the scent at first but i used it a couple times afterwards and was hooked. However soon after i completely forgot about it. However i re-discovered this fragrance last month and fell in love with it all over again. This scent is not for everyone as its very cool and strong. This is a night-time scent and it has 'notes of black pepper, freesia and cashmere incense', ' has a heart of patchouli and nutmeg' and ' base notes of sandalwood, amber, ebon wood and woody accords'.

Be 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

It is a long Blog post guys but i decided it would be a great first day of the month post to share with you guys ... Hope you guys enjoyed reading it :)......

Have a Great first day of the Month  & A Great Monday....

Links to everything i mentioned:
Tassel Bag from Ebay:
E45 Cream from Wilkinson:
Black Ballerina Flats from Shoe Zone:
Check out (ThatsHeart) You Tube Page:
Kate Moss Fragrance (Velvet Hour):
Sign up Here for 'Weheartit':

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