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My Beauty Tip: Get Beautiful Lips...

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In today's post i will be sharing a lip related beauty tip which i actually discovered years ago i think it was back in either 2005 or 2006 at the ages of 14/15 when i got tired of always having dry lips. My lips were so dry that my friends and some of the other kids at school would notice or mention my chapped lips. It's a beauty tip that i have sworn by ever since and i also taught this tip to my twin sister who absolutely loves it as well. It's kind of amazing to think that at the age of 21 am still using this lip tip.

Ever suffered with dry/chapped lips? It isn't a pretty sight is it? In fact majority of us suffer more with dry/chapped lips during the colder months (Autumn/Winter). There are many ways nowadays to achieve beautiful, soft and well moisturized lips such as:

-Regularly applying lip balm to protect your lips
-Avoiding drying products which won't benefit your lips
-Limiting your exposure to the sun and wind
-Drinking lots of water to hydrate your body to help your chapped lips
-Avoid licking and biting your lips constantly etc...

The list could go on but am sure you guys get the message that there are a lot of helpful remedies and tips in order to combat dry/chapped lips to achieve well moisturized lips. My lip tip is simple in fact it will save you money in buying those lip scrub products which can sometimes be very harsh, painful and can also cause redness which am sure nobody wants.

Lip Tip:
Before you sleep apply a generous amount of Vaseline, ( i personally prefer the baby powder scented one). When i say generous i mean about 2-3 coats of Vaseline onto your lips. You'll know that you've applied a generous amount when your lips feel full of Vaseline product.

The next step is in the morning, you'll start to notice right after you wake up that most of the Vaseline has either stayed on your lips throughout the entire night, dried up slightly or in some cases has completely gone off your lips, either way all it pretty much means is that it's worked in softening your lips, so it'd be easier to remove the dead/dry skin cells on your lips in the next step. It's as though you've had a mini lip treatment whilst you were asleep. In some cases it could also mean that the majority of the Vaseline came off onto your pillow during the night if you are a person who tosses and turns a lot whilst asleep, which i can be too.

You then need a small towel or washcloth and all you need to do is to wet it with water and ensuring it is slightly damp use it to gently scrub of the dead/dry skin cells off your lips you can also do this step by gently rubbing your finger onto your lips. Make sure you don't go over board with scrubbing your lips too much as it can cause bleeding, irritated and dry lips. Afterwards you just wash your lips with water and apply a good lip balm.

Now remember even though your lips are now soft you still need to keep them moisturized by applying a good lip balm throughout the day. Use this beauty tip every night before you sleep to achieve gorgeous lips.

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