Wednesday, 14 November 2012

3 Ways To Stay Active...

Hello There,

Today i want to share with you three simple ways in which you can stay active, which will help your health and save you from unnecessary weight gain. These three tips am about to give you can easily be implemented into your daily lives and if you can do more then brilliant.

However note if you have any health problems make sure you consult your GP, Doctor, Nurse, A Health Professional etc before you take my advise. This is just three simple tips which could help you out in order to stay more active.

1) Take the Stairs not the Lift or Escalator:
Whether your at school, at work, out shopping etc you should always remember that taking the stairs rather than the lift can help you out massively whether you choose to believe it or not. I know sometimes the easier option aka the lift or escalator can make it much easier for you to reach your destination, however it doesn't do anything for your health so next time you feel like taking the lift remember to take the stairs.

2) Workout at least 30 minutes a day:
Most of us have very hectic lives despite our age and working out is the least thing we want to commit to but let me ensure you making this healthy lifestyle change to workout daily will help keep you fighting fit. Your 30 min workout could be devised by you. Why not be your own personal trainer and set up a simple step by step plan in which you can alter as you health levels go up/improve or simply buy a workout DVD.

3) Walk regularly whenever possible:
Walking regularly is very good for our health and is another good way to ensure that we all stay active daily. Taking long or short walks will allow you to become more active without even realizing it. I myself have noticed the benefits of walking because with time you'll prefer to walk over taking public transportation. So give it a try and just watch yourself adapt to a healthier lifestyle choice, trust me you won't regret it.

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire... 

Hope this Blog post was helpful in changing your outlook on how important it is staying active daily. Have a great day!!! :D

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