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Jewel Tones: Fall/Winter 2012

 Hello Beauts,

Today i am bringing you a fashion blog post where i will be covering another big trend for this Autumn/Winter. I'll try and keep this blog post simple, to the point and short as am sure nobody wants to read an essay which i have done in the past with some of my posts :).

Want to Make your Fall wardrobe come alive then please do continue reading...
Jewel Tones is a trend which is inspired by jewels, gems, precious stones/crystals. A trend where most of the colors come from inside your jewellery box. Jewel hues are an amazing replacement for the boring blacks, greys, navy's and neutrals we always see this time of year which honestly is boring?? Right!!..

These 'wonderful colors can work together or alone, so have fun and experiment with mixing and matching'. This trend is not so out there like some of the Autumn/Winter trends currently but rather it's just right, into adding some winter color into your wardrobe which should be a dream come true.  

Jewel tones are definitely fall friendly so why not change your bright summer neon jewel tones into more richer jewel colors more appropriate for the Fall/Winter seasons. If your afraid to wrap yourself from head to toe in jewel hues then why not rock a pair of mustard yellow heels or carry a emerald green clutch/bag.

It's winter so please remember the more color the better. I don't know about you guys but whenever i see an individual on the street confidently rocking a gorgeous colorful outfit i instantly feel more happy and inspired. Color is what makes this world, not the boring blacks we all wear on a daily basis, be color confident!!!!

Also with such strong colors like jewel tones it's best to do the 'less is more' with your outfit. So don't over do it and wear so much color that you end up looking like a rainbow but rather be smart and selective about your choices. Keep in mind that you could also color block with this trend so add a pop of color here and there.

 'Instantly reminds us why we love this season so much'

'Add richness and depth to your Autumn and Winter wardrobe'

'Fabulous hues which are Ageless & Timeless'  

Instead of the neon's we’ve seen what’s right now are rich jewel tones'

'Precious stones have inspired the richest autumn looks'

Here is a color list below where i researched and found the best Jewel hues for this Autumn & Winter, hope you guys appreciate it & remember be color confident :D..

Top 10 Jewel Tone Colors for Fall 2012:
1) Deep Plum
2) Burnt Orange        
3) Emerald Green
4) Burgundy                                                   
5) Mustard Yellow
6) Sapphire Blue
7) Ruby Red
8) Cocoa Brown
9)  Dark Teal
10) Fuchsia

Why not even rock some of these jewel tones through your makeup as well. It's all about getting creative and trying what best works for you, don't ever feel you have to be on trend because its all about embracing who you are as an individual. Also note that some colors may work better with different skin tones, so be color wise when purchasing.

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...  Hope you enjoyed this blog post :).. 

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