Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Ebay Picks For You!!!

Hello Guys,

Today i will be sharing with you five amazing bargain items/products which i believe you will all love. Am going to keep this post short and sweet so you can enjoy checking out the the fabulous products i have listed for you guys which i found from my favorite online shopping site (Ebay). Enjoy....

1) Multi-Color Shamballa Bracelet: £3.98
Wow was the first thing i said when i saw this beautiful multicolored shamballa bracelet. How gorgeous is this bracelet i mean its a great rhinestone bracelet with an inexpensive price tag. Also available in various colors, go and check it out now.

2) Retro Camera Ring: £0.99p
This adorable retro camera ring will add an old school, quirky and retro vibe to your outfit, available in two colors. I actually have this ring in the bronze color and i can't tell you enough how amazing it is. It looks a bit beaten up but that's what makes it so cool.

3) Black Tassel Bag: £11
This black tassel bag is a must-have for this autumn/winter seasons, also available in brown and light tan. This bag is perfect for everyday wear and will instantly glam up your outfit. The price of this bag is definitely a bargain which you should check out.

 4) Large Geometric Scarf: £2.99
Here is a steal of a deal item available in eight colors which spoils you for choice. A geometric scarf  is not only cool but its fun to wear. This scarf is guaranteed to brighten up your autumn outfit by adding a gorgeous pop of color. Go on and give it a try.

5) Vintage Apple Necklace: £0.99p
Be uniquely stylish with this vintage eaten apple necklace available in green and red. How much better can it get than having a simple yet distinctive vintage jewellery item for only 0.99p, now i don't know about you but that's what i call a bargain buy.

Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire....

Hope you all enjoyed this fun blog post which i really enjoyed putting together for you guys :). I love Simple & Shopping related posts which are so fun to read.

Links to all 5 Products:
1) Shamballa Bracelet:
2) Retro Camera Ring:
3) Black Tassel Bag:
4) Large Geometric Scarf:
5) Vintage Apple Necklace:

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