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My Fall Favourites!!!

 Hiya Guys,

So recently there has been a ton of videos up on YouTube where a lot of You-Tubers have been doing a tag video called, 'I Heart Fall'. I've recently been addicted to just watching these fall tag videos that i decided to be original and make up my own Fall tag. Scroll down below to see 'My Fall Favorites!' Enjoy :)...

1) What is your Favorite Thing about Fall? 
I would say being wrapped up warm inside my bed when its cold/pouring with rain and staying super cosy in my bed with my duvet and having my blackberry phone on hand and watching a ton of YouTube videos nonstop :D.

2) Favorite Fall Hot Drink?
Has definitely got to be my Hot milk and honey. I know that most people have amazing choices of hot drinks, teas, mocha's etc but for me personally i just love my milk :p. I must say that I do love me some Hot Choco as well.

3) Your Favorite Fall song at the moment? 
Without a doubt has got to be 'DNA' by the UK Girl band 'Little Mix'. This song is very edgy, dark, catchy and different from what we've seen from them previously. There voices vocally has improved a lot as well since last year, am a proud Little Mixer all the way.
 4) Your Favorite Beauty Essentials for Fall?
My lip balm (Vaseline), my lotion the (E45 Cream), and my daily face scrub (Clean & Clear morning burst with lemon/papaya). All three products are essential for me because i need a good lip balm/lotion to keep my lips/skin moisturized from the cold weather and a good face wash to get rid of those unwanted impurities.

5) Favorite Fall Programs, Movies or Films? 
Am loving the X factor (UK) because the talent this year is just incredible as for movies/films am so busy with university right now that i don't have a lot of time to watch movies etc but i defo would love to see Madagascar 3 as the continuous adverts on TV sold me.

6) What is your one Favorite jewellery item for Fall?
It would have to be my retro dictionary faith ring from 'Ebay' because it always reminds me to believe in myself and to have faith in all i do. I love this ring for the fall time the most because am always stressed/busy with university so it's a constant reminder for me to have faith.

7) Your Favorite Beauty/Fashion Youtuber currently for Fall?
I'd have to say the adorable 'Bethany Mota' also know as 'Macbarbie07'. She never fails to make me laugh and smile in every video she uploads. She is super sweet, very genuine, humble and a lovely person. Her videos are so addicting as well :).

8) What is your Favorite perfume/spray to wear for Fall?
It would have to be 'Kate Moss' (Velvet Hour) this scent is very spicy, cold, rich and kind of reminds me of the Autumn/Winter time so it makes sense for me to wear this scent on most days obviously :).

9) Your Favorite thing to do in Fall?
Sometimes i just love the simple things in life.What i most love and find myself doing on a daily basis is sitting by my bedroom window and watching the leaves fall from the trees, not an amazing thing to do but i just love it.

10) Your Favorite fashion trend for Fall 2012?
My favorite fashion trend for fall would definitely have to be the season's color 'Burgundy' trend, this deep red color summarizes fall for me and oozes 'sophistication'. It's the new black for this season I'd say.

I tag anyone who reads this blog post to do this tag? (You don't really have to but it would be nice to see everyone's Answers for all 10 Questions, seeing as you've all seen mine?) If you do however get a chance to do this tag then please do let me know by commenting on this post or messaging me through my Twitter Account.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading (My 10 Fall Favorites Tag Blog Post)...

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  1. Hi do you mind if I use your Fall Favourites header for my Fall Favourites post? It's so cute and I'd be happy to cite you for it!