Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Top 6 Youtubers...

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Today i wanted to share with you my top six favorite You-Tubers who am currently loving and when i say currently what i mean precisely is the You-Tubers who i feel like I've been drawn to watching and thoroughly enjoying there videos and Channels.

1) Category: Beauty & Fashion   
    YOUTUBER: Riannstar 

I've been loving Riann recently for her fun to watch and amazing videos. Riann is a beauty and fashion youtuber who i feel is a breath of fresh air and a joy to watch. A beautiful young women who creates awesome videos which include makeup tutorials, fashion look-books, hauls, favorites videos etc the list could go on but my point, shes an inspirational youtuber who you should definitely check out.

2) Category: DIY 
    YOUTUBER: AnneorShine

Anne is an amazing youtuber who specializes in all things DIY's, fashion styles and hauls. I've been obsessed with her DIY videos lately because her do it yourself tutorials are creative, relatively simple/fun to make and will save you a lot of money in the long run. She is one of the reasons why i've become so big on DIY lately and shes honestly a gorgeous girl with great videos so please do check out her videos and channel.

3) Category: Health & Lifestyle    
    YOUTUBER: AnnieJaffrey
Where shall i start with Annie, well an adorable youtuber with a beautiful outlook on life. A youtuber who i personally feel is very inspiring. Annie makes videos on all things beauty, health, fashion. Her health/lifestyle videos have helped as well as inspired me to start leading a healthier lifestyle which is great. She honestly is an amazing young women both inside and out and its definitely worth checking her channel out.

4) Category: Music 
    YOUTUBERS: Cimorellitheband

Cimorellitheband are a group of six sisters who make videos covering different songs, either songs which they love or which are highly requested by there large fan base. I've honestly been watching these girls since there early days on youtube and have seen them blossom and grow into beautiful young ladies.They have great voices and its quite amazing to think that there all sisters. Go and check out there channel.

5) Category: Food
    YOUTUBER: ByronTalbott  

Byron is an amazing chef on youtube, he creates the most gorgeous food i've ever seen and what makes his videos even more amazing is the fact that he is so down to earth. Warning don't watch his videos whilst hungry because if you do your going to end up feeling even more hungry. His well edited cooking videos are guaranteed to keep you hooked. Definitely check out his videos, you won't be disappointed.

6) Category: Comedy
    YOUTUBER: JLovesMac1

Jarmaine is a funny beauty and fashion youtuber who can always be seen doing funny, hilarious and entertaining things in her videos. The reason why I've enjoyed watching her funny videos is simply due to the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously as most beauty/fashion guru's on youtube do.Watching her videos always makes my day that much better. Check out her videos and channel, you'll honestly love her.

 Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my top six favorite youtubers :).. I thoroughly enjoy watching all six youtubers on a regular basis hence the reason i decided to do a blog post based on my favorite Youtubers.

Have a Great Thursday... :D

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