Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Thank you!!!!! + Big Announcement

Hiya Everyone...

Well today's blog post is based on the fact that i want to say a big thank you to all you lovely people who have visited my blog and have read my blog posts :D. I can't thank you all enough for your amazing support and i have listed below all the countries/places where I've had people visit my blog from all over the world..

Honestly it means a lot to me because this is something which i see myself doing for the rest of my life. As an upcoming young designer i want to get ahead of myself and start blogging in order to get recognised for what i do and to get an early start into this amazing creative & design industry. Please do feel free to comment or talk to me through twitter because i do want to interact with you all, don't be shy :p. If you don't have an account for blogger or twitter its really easy & free to sign up and I'd be thrilled to get a chance to speak to some of my amazing readers :)..

I haven't yet told any one about this bold decision but because you guys have been so amazing by supporting me and by viewing my blog posts and blog in general, i decided to let you know that i actually have created a YouTube channel under the screen name (VintageVelvets) where i will be making videos based on DIY's so you girls can learn how to make your own jewellery, how to revamp & renew old clothes, how to customise/ beautify things, as well as learning how to creatively store your bits and bobs (Storage ideas) etc the list could go on but my channel will be based on all things DIY.
My channel will hopefully and officially launch roughly around the Summer time, (nothing confirmed yet but definitely in 2013 either June/July or in August or sometime in Autumn :D).. So get ready for that and be excited :D.

Also let me know whether you'd all be up for a international giveaway once I've had 50+ countries visit my blog etc :)...

1) United Kingdom       (Top 2)     
2) United States
3) Canada

4) Sweden

5) Romania

6) Ireland

7) Germany
8) China

9) Mexico

10) Malaysia
11) New Zealand
12) Georgia
13) Poland
14) Russia
15) Hungary
16) Australia
17) France
18) Saudi Arabia
19) Nigeria
20) India
21) Serbia
22) Netherlands
23) Philippines
24) Monaco
25) Turkey
26) Spain
27) Costa Rica
28) Brazil
29) Puerto Rico
30) United Arab Emirates
31) Belgium
32) Croatia
33) Austria
34) Hong Kong
35) Bosnia & Herzegovina
36) Slovakia

37) Thailand
38) Slovenia
39) Jordan
40) South Korea
41) Pakistan
42) Indonesia
43) Egypt
44) Algeria
45) Czech Republic
46) Lebanon
47) Vietnam
48) South Africa
49) Armenia
50) Italy
51) Norway

52) Ukraine
53) Uzbekistan
54) Yemen
55) Denmark
56) Greece
57) Palestinian Territories
58) Dominican Republic
59) Macedonia (FYROM)
60) Latvia
61) Switzerland
62) Portugal
63) Bulgaria
64) Oman
65) Zimbabwe
66) Ecuador
67) Peru
68) Qatar
69) Libya
70) Venezuela
71) Bahrain
72) Finland
73) Trinidad & Tobago
74) Myanmar (Burma)
75) Japan
76) Afghanistan
77) Antigua and Barbuda
78) Reunion
79) Bahamas
80) Guatemala 
81) Chile 
82) Moldova
83) Morocco
84) Somalia
85) Kenya 
{Updated This List On: 14/01/2014 }
Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire...
Have a great Tuesday or Wednesday wherever you are in the world :D..

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