Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Winter Wishlist | Ebay Edition

Hello Guys,

In today's post i will be sharing with you six products which is on my wishlist for this Winter. The products am about to show you are not expensive at all in fact you guys will be surprised at how affordable they all are. Am someone who likes to live a humble and happy life and for me I don't really ever see the point in splurging hundreds or even thousands on a product which won't last long and which I may eventually bin or get rid of. I mean don't get me wrong spending a good amount of money on something which is totally worth it is fine, my point is that i just don't like to waste money on expensive products, which i will no longer need or use in a couple of years time.

Some people may beg to differ but that's absolutely fine, am just someone who likes to be reasonable and buy products which won't break the bank. Am not going to lie to you guys but there have been numerous times where i wanted to splurge and impulsively buy unneeded products but now I've come to the realization to be happy with all God has given me and to live a positive and humble life with a healthy amount of products and materialistic goods. So with all that being said here are the six products which am planning to hopefully purchase throughout this Winter from Ebay.

1) Women's Military Studded Jacket | Price: £36.99
I've been wanting this khaki military jacket with leather sleeves ever since it came out. The price range of this jacket type/style varies from as little as £25 up to £50 or more, it all depends on the quality of the fabric and quality of the jacket. This military inspired jacket with leather sleeves is a very popular trend at the minute and is currently everywhere. This jacket for me is definitely a must-have winter wardrobe staple.

2) Retro Triangle Adjustable Ring | Price: £0.99
This quirky retro ring is a beauty for me because of the unique pyramid structure and the beautiful tribal inspired intricate carved out design. Being a ring lover i always try to add to my ring collection and the rings i usually purchase are inexpensive yet are good quality ranging from £0.99p - £5. Am a student so i really don't want be spending too much money hence the reason why i try to look for great quality rings with inexpensive price tags that won't break the bank and will save me a lot of money.

3) Women's Vintage Lace Up Brogue Shoes | Price: £16.95
Am going to be very honest here i wasn't always a big fan of brogues just because the design and structure looked pretty ugly and the style looked too dated. However i have now warmed to brogues because i finally realized that there are so many different styles available instead of the classic looking brogue shoe. These shoes are perfect for the cold/rainy weather here in London because it'll keep my feet warm and dry.

4) Aztec/Tribal Blackberry Pouch Cover | Price: £4.95
I have a few cases and covers for my blackberry phone, however i finally have gotten bored of all my hard cases/silicone covers, so i finally decided to branch out and look at fabric pouches for my mobile phone. I came across this adorable Aztec inspired pouch with gorgeous detailing and instantly thought about how it was the perfect pouch for me because of the high quality triple layered material and cute coffee design.

5) Women's Canvas Backpack/Rucksack | Price: £7.10
This past semester i have been struggling to fit in all my essentials and school work into my beautiful average sized tassel bag and honestly as much as i love and adore my tassel bag it was a nightmare trying to fit everything into my bag for university. So i finally realized that i may as well purchase myself a cool backpack which will be comfortable and kind to my shoulders/back and at the same time be able to hold some of my coursework, essentials and other things which i may need for school (University).

6) Ivory Floral Print Maxi Scarf | Price: £4.99
I have a ton of floral scarves in my wardrobe from this years spring/summer seasons but however i don't actually have many floral scarves which are appropriate for the autumn/winter seasons. I came across this beautiful maxi ivory color floral scarf and i instantly thought that it'd be perfect for this winter season. The combination of the ivory and red will add a muted pop of color to my outfits without going over board.

Links to all six Products:
1) Military Jacket
2) Retro Ring
3) Brogue Shoes
4) Phone Pouch
5) Canvas Backpacks
6) Floral Scarf

What's on your Winter Wishlist? If you guys have a wishlist then let me know via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below because i would love to see some of the products you guys are planning on purchasing throughout the Winter, whether it be expensive or inexpensive because I'd love to get an insight into what you guys want. 

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