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Winterlicious TAG...

Hey Guys,

So recently on YouTube there has been this popular winter and holiday tag video going around called 'Winterlicious Tag' which i thought was very interesting not one of my favorite tags which I've seen on YouTube but still interesting.

Anyways knowing that i love to be unique and original, i decided to tweak this tag by coming up with a couple of my own winter questions which i thought would be more suited to me as well as keeping some of the questions originally created.

Winterlicious Tag Questions:

1) What Do You Most Love About The Winter Season?:
I actually love it when it snows and i know that this answer is a common one because everyone usually says that they 'cannot wait until it snows so they can have a snow fight with family and friends, build snowman's and fun sculptures and blah blah' but honestly its true. Every year when it does snow heavily here in London it's a celebration for me especially on school days because usually majority of the schools are closed for health and safety purposes. The snow for me further beautifies everything and makes it feel more like Winter.

2) Favorite Winter Lip Product?:
Okay so this product isn't necessarily for your lips but for use on baby skin for 'protection against the discomforts of diaper rash' but however the texture, consistency and use of this product is much more pleasant and effective than the original Vaseline formula and the baby powder scent is a bonus. This product is 'formulated to provide visible relief from extremely dry skin when used regularly', so hence the reason why it works so well in also relieving dry, sore and chapped lips which honestly is actually pretty awesome. 

3) Most Worn Winter Accessory?:
Has definitely got to me my inexpensive beautiful black tassel bag from Ebay, this has literally been my go to bag for everyday of the week. Actually come to think of it has also been my go to bag in the summer season as well. I just love this bag so much because it just adds a edgy, glam and cool feel to any outfit you wear. In all my life i have never owned a bag which received so many compliments from friends and family and that's actually cool and amazing to know that this bag is a winner not just for me but for everyone else as well.

4) Name Your Favorite Winter Treat or Candy to Eat?:
Werther's Original Butter Candies has got to be my favorite candy treat to eat during the winter. I can't describe how amazing they taste it has the right amount of sweetness and the right amount of creamy flavor, using ingredients 'like butter and fresh cream'. Whenever my mum, me or someone in my family purchases these delicious butter candies i immediately become like this greedy child who doesn't want to share, which is pretty hilarious. These butter candies are described as 'the ultimate in smooth and comforting enjoyment'.

5) Favorite Winter Scent or Candle?:
Nothing new here but am sure you guys now probably know about my favorite scent because i have mentioned it in several blog posts. This Scent to me is a little daring and maybe a bit on the risky side just because it's not a everyday scent which you can wear however with that being said you could still wear it daily it just depends on the person. I usually wear this scent to special occasions, parties, weddings etc especially around the evening or night time. This is definitely my autumn/ winter scent for this year for sure.

6) Do You Have Any Exciting Plans For This Winter?:
Actually i don't really have any exciting plans just because i will be housebound stuck doing my coursework for school (University). However because i will mostly be staying indoors am excited to watch all the holiday films/movies on my own and with my family depending on my mood that day, just because sometimes my family can get a bit annoying especially when your stuck with them for more than two weeks with that being said i still do love my family. Yes so i guess this is probably my most exciting plan for the Winter break.

 7) Favorite Winter Beverage?:
Hot chocolate all the way for me. For as long as i could remember this was the hot drink that i would drink on most cold days/nights as a child, preteen, teenager and now as a young adult but am not going to lie as much as i love a good cup of hot chocolate, i sometimes do get bored of the taste. This year however i do plan on mixing it up my hot chocolate drink by adding different ingredients, new flavors and fun toppings. Also as I've gotten older i can now have less sugar in my hot drinks as opposed to when i was younger which is interesting.

8) What Fashion Trend Are You Loving For This Winter Season?:
Definitely the studs and spikes i actually wasn't too keen on this fierce trend last month oddly but all of sudden i have now taken a liking to it, so be prepared to see me cover this trend pretty soon. This trend can be worn fiercely or elegantly which is the cool thing, despite of how rock goddess it can appear. It's all about balance with this trend i mean it may not be everyone's cup of tea but if worn correctly it can look really beautiful. I love how this trend can be both glam and casual at the same time which i think is actually amazing.

9) All Time Favorite Holiday Movie?:
My favorite holiday movie is without a doubt 'Stuart Little' (1999). I could watch this movie all day long, any day/time of the week you name it because it's that awesome, cool and fun to watch. I do have a lot of favorite holiday movies which i love as well but for as long as i can remember this is the one movie i use to get so excited to watch. So am actually hoping they broadcast this movie this winter otherwise am going to find a way to watch it and if you haven't yet seen it then please make sure you do because you'll honestly love it.

10) Name One Winter Must-have Item That You Could Not Live Without?:
My E45 Cream just because i usually get really dry skin during the autumn/winter seasons. I naturally have dry skin all year round but it's even more important for me to ensure that i keep my skin more hydrated and moisturized on a regular basis during the winter. I actually reused my small hand sanitizer bottle and filled it up with some of the E45 lotion so i can always have it with me on the go or whenever am traveling to make sure my skin is staying hydrated 24/7. So this is definitely my winter must have item which i could not live without.

Now i tag you all. Yes you reading this blog post to do this tag and if you don't have a blog or you don't do YouTube videos please do feel free to post it on twitter and let me know by tweeting me when you do it through my twitter account. I would really appreciate it, if you all participated this time. So please do give it a try its only ten fun questions and won't take that long to do.
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Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and wherever you are in the world i hope you have a great day and please do remember to be street smart and stay safe :)

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