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10 Great Family Movies | My Suggestions

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In today's blog post i will be suggesting ten great family movies which you can watch whenever you have some free time on your hands with your loved ones and friends. I know that the winter break is long gone but who says you can't still enjoy a good movie once in awhile. The ten great movies which i am about to suggested are only a few of my all time favourites.
 Life can get a little stressful sometimes not to mention hectic, so it's always good to give yourself a break to de-stress and to take things of your mind. Being stressed can be very unhealthy which am sure your all aware of so hence the reason why it's so important to give yourself a well needed break every now and then.
Family time is also important because we should all be grateful that we have a family as there are many children out there who have lost there families which is very hard to imagine. So please appreciate your families and never take them for granted.
 I hope you all can take some time out of your daily schedule to spend at least an hour with your family and friends as it will benefit you both physically and mentally.

10 Great Family Movies:
1) Stuart Little

2) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

3) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

4) Alladin

5) Home Alone 1,2,3 or 4

6) Happy Feet

7) Jumanji

8) Tom & Jerry: The Movie

9) 101 Dalmatians

10) Ratatouille

Hope you guys enjoy reading this movie suggestions blog post where i recommend ten of my all time favourite movies which i think you'll enjoy with your families or on your own.


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