Friday, 8 February 2013

CutePolish: Creative Nail Art Channel

Hiya Guys,

In today's video post I wanted to share with you guys a Nail Art Channel which I've recently discovered. I love YouTube simply because nowadays you can pretty much find everything and anything which is brilliant. The Internet has become a big part of our everyday lives whether it be for our own personal use, school or work purposes, staying up to date with the world news to accessing the many available social media sites etc, the list could go on and on however am sure by now that you all get the point right?

About CutePolish:
CutePolish is a Youtube Channel full of quick instructional videos that will teach you how to create Easy & Cute nail art designs

                                             AT PRESENT SHE HAS:
        142 Uploads | 951,735 Subscribers | 135,934,315 Video Views  
Her video format is clean, focused and on point which makes for an enjoyable viewing.  I love how she has kept her identity hidden and focused on delivering the best, easy to follow and cute nail art tutorials which is probably one of the major reasons as to why she is very successful in what she does and in the YouTube world today.
     My video format will be exactly like hers except i won't be doing any voice overs but instead will have step by step instructions appear through (Text) with my choice of music playing in the background. I love this video format because you'll only see what am doing as opposed to seeing me and the reason why i have chosen to film/record my YouTube videos in this format is because i want my DIY channel to solely focus on my work and in bringing you girls the best DIY tutorials i possibly can.

My Top 10 Favourite Videos From CutePolish:    
Date Uploaded: 20th January 2013
Video Views: 328,062
Likes Received:    
Date Uploaded: 7th January 2013
Video Views: 704,338
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 23rd September 2012
Video Views: 794,485
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 15th April 2012
Video Views: 1,137,993
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 24th March 2012
Video Views: 1,490,301
Likes Received:   
Date Uploaded: 16th November 2011
Video Views: 983,261
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 17th May 2011
Video Views: 843,106
Likes Received:   
Date Uploaded: 4th May 2011
Video Views: 10,435,757
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 20th December 2010
Video Views: 231,239
Likes Received:
Date Uploaded: 31st July 2010
Video Views: 619,421
Likes Received:

I hope you guys enjoyed this video blog post today and remember don't forget to check out her channel where you can find a lot more of her brilliant nail art design tutorials which I've linked down below.



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