Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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Hello Guys!
In this short post I will be sharing with you some of my favourite Weheartit pictures found through Google Images. So your probably wondering why I didn't just go onto Weheartit.com and just find a few of the most popular images on there and share it with you well I tell you the reason why Google Images always displays the most popular images right through to the not so popular and so you'll always end up seeing the most used/popular images displayed first of whatever it is that your searching or looking for.
Also I just preferred using Google Images because it was more efficient for me and because it'll take ages to search for a variety of the different popular pictures on Weheartit.com, which isn't so great when your strapped for time! With all that being said I still love Weheartit and though I haven't been on the website quite awhile now I still do love it dearly.

I hope you all enjoy this small collection of some of the popular pictures from Weheartit found through Google Images! Hope It brightens your day that little bit more and I hope you leave this post feeling inspired and feeling more positive about life and just everything really!

Popular Picks From 'Weheartit' Found Through Google Images:

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