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Last Day Of APRIL | My Top 4 YouTubers

Hiya Girlies,

So in today blog post I will be sharing with you my top four YouTubers who I am currently loving and have been loving for awhile now actually as well but before I get to that part I just can't believe that today is the last day of April :o.., I mean seriously that can't be possible because this month only began like yesterday! (okay am exaggerating a little but you guys get my point right?) To continue it is rather upsetting for me because this month is like my favourite month ever :D (and not because its my birthday month) and to think that tomorrow is the start of May (Woah there I think I might start to cry and panic because this next month is my last full month of university (yaaay) and after May I will hopefully be done with my higher education :) (Lets hope!!!).. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this blog post and I hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday or day whatever day it is when you read this post.

My Top 4 YouTubers...

YouTuber 1: Evelina

I've recently been loving all of Evelina's videos especially her DIY's! There's nothing that this fabulous girl can't do, I honestly get so happy when I see that she has uploaded a new video and it appears in my subscription box. Evelina is definitely one of my favourite YouTubers and I've actually been watching her videos for awhile now and am still not getting bored of her which can only mean one thing that she is well 'Inspirational'. Here's the description about her channel, 'My name is Evelina and I am beach bum who loves Sushi and Tomato juice! I also live, dream and breath fashion. I am an aspiring fashion editor and designer and my goal is to bring positivity and soul into the fashion world. This channel is my outlet for sharing my passion for styling, DIY projects, and sometimes my life. I hope you feel like home and don't be shy to say hi!.' Overall this girl is brilliant in creating awesome DIY and Fashion videos which am sure will inspire and impact you in many positive ways. Hope you guys get the chance to check out her channel especially if you love Fashion & DIY's because you'll not only enjoy it but it will inspire you to start being more creative!

YouTuber 2: EleventhGorgeous

So here's the thing with these two girls, I've actually discovered them not too long ago I'd say probably around late December and around the New year which is pretty recent right? Anyways now that I have been watching these girls for awhile am starting to really like there channel and there videos respectively because honestly there are like a breath of fresh air to me because its rare that you would find two sisters actually sharing a YouTube channel together because usually most siblings  would end up having a channel of there own etc. There videos are always so fun to watch and to say the least I never get bored of them because they are so bubbly, seem friendly and look genuine. This is exactly what they say about there YouTube channel, 'eleventhgorgeous | Tracy and Stefanie, We are two sisters who like sharing tips on affordable makeup and fashion.' I love YouTube channels which are upbeat, fun and fashion related which is exactly how I would describe this channel even though they do specialised in makeup as well. I hope you girls check out there wonderful channel because am sure you won't leave disappointed but rather you will leave there channel feeling Happy!

YouTuber 3: Fab Lunch

The girl behind this Fab Lunch channel is inspirational to me in so many ways because majority of her recipes are healthy and fresh and what's even more cool is that her videos are always very informative, well filmed and beautifully edited. I consider the girl behind this channel to be one of my favourite food people on YouTube now! Here is a description about what her channel is about and what she does, 'SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW HEALTHY LUNCH RECIPES AND HEALTHY BAKING TIPS! Don't know what to make for your next lunch? I am here to help! This channel features quick and healthy lunch recipes and many food and nutrition related advices.' As I've grown up I feel myself strictly watching what I consume on a regular basis to make sure I try to eat as healthy as possible, so watching these healthy food recipe videos are great because I find myself learning more about the healthy options available to me and it also inspires me to start making more nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more healthy snacks for in between meals. Hope you guys go and check out her awesome channel because am sure you will all love it!
YouTuber 4: AprilAthena7

April is such a sweet, adorable and kind individual who I also discovered recently but am telling you this girl is super sweet and am not just saying that because I love watching her videos but because she really is so kind and generous. Her channel description is short and on point because it just states what it is that she does, 'About ✿ AprilAthena7: Beauty, Baking, DIY, Tutorials! ✿.' Majority of her videos are very informative and I can instantly tell that she loves working hard on her videos for us girls which is so inspirational to see. The videos which I really really enjoy from her channel is her hauls, reviews and favourites videos and actually am not so sure why I enjoy these videos the most but it could be to do with the fact that the reviews and favourites videos are so in depth, detailed and informative and her hauls are just so fun to watch because it gives you an insight to some of the current makeup/fashion trends out there etc. I also love the advices she offers here and there as well. I've yet to watch her baking videos but am sure once I do start watching it they will be amazing. Hope you girls get the chance to check out her lovely channel which am sure you'll all enjoy!

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Monday, 29 April 2013


Hey Girls,

Today was one of those days where I needed a little bit of cheering up due to a lot of stress sadly and so I decided to browse Google images to see if I could cheer myself up and well I succeed because I am now a lot happier :). I hope you all enjoy my funny pictures gallery that am about to share with you. Also remember on days where life feels a little bit hard, a little bit of a struggle and a little bit too much, just know that you'll make it through it and be successful at the end so long as you believe in yourself :D.


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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Keep Calm & Be Yourself - 5 Reasons Why!

5 Reasons WHY You Should Be Yourself...

1) At the end of the day you can only be one person which is yourself...
2) Your individuality is what makes you special so be happy and be you, forgot what people say...
3) Trying to be a carbon copy of somebody else isn't attractive, so stay clear...
4) Staying true to who you are as an individual should be beautiful enough...
5) Be original, be confident and love the fact that there is non like you in the world...

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Sprinkle Some Spring Love Into Your Life...

Hiya Girls!
So first of all Happy Friday! I hope today is a great day for you all. In todays post I will be sharing with you a couple of ways that your can sprinkle some spring love into your life and what I mean by that is that I will be sharing with you all little things you can do during this season that will get you in the Spring mind set which thus will allow you to embrace this season with open arms.

Ten Little Ways To Sprinkle Some Spring Love Into Your Life...

1) Be Positive & Always Smile!:
The most easiest way to get into the Spring spirit is to have a positive outlook on life and to always smile. Doing both will ultimately get you feeling amazing about everything and will you automatically start to feel a whole lot better about life.
2) Eat Light & Eat Right!:
 Spring is the season where we start to prep our bodies for the long summer months so with that being said its imperative that you start to eat more light and more right which will get you feeling healthy. Try to incorporate some fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) into your daily diet.
3) Add Some Flowers Into Your Home/Room D├ęcor!:
Adding either real or fake flowers into your home space is sure to get your home feeling like Spring and sure to get you into the Spring spirit! Flowers bring a touch of femininity, they add a touch of freshness and they sure do add a pop of colour.
4) One Act Of Kindness!:
Am sure that doing at least one act of kindness everyday should not just be limited to one season but rather should be done everyday, week, month, season and year! However in order to feel more great about yourself during this season be sure to do at least one act of kindness everyday.
5) Go On Long Spring Walks!:
 Going on long walks during this season is not only a great way to stay active but it is also a fab way to get some good old fresh air. Whether it be with your friends, family or on your own am sure that this is a great source of exercise for you all.
6) Update Your Wardrobe!:
Updating your wardrobe is always a reason to go shopping for some new pieces for this spring which are on trend and some pieces which will work with some of your spring clothing. On a budget? then try to purchase two inexpensive items of clothing every week to add to your wardrobe.
7) Do Some Spring Cleaning To Get Rid Of Unneeded Clutter!:
 Another fab way to sprinkle some spring love into your life is by Spring cleaning your entire home! Yes I just said the 'entire home' because this is a great way to welcome the new season by getting rid of unneeded clutter to refresh and cleanse your home.
8) Take Good Care Of Your Skin!:
It's always a great idea to take good care of your skin especially the skin on your face. This is because during the warmer months you'll need to reduce the amount of makeup you wear due to the warmer climate hence why its great to kick start your skin regime for both face and body.
9) Purchase A New Perfume!:
 Treat yourself by purchasing a new perfume which is perfect for both spring and summer, as this will save you a lot of money. Try to invest in a scent which is light and transitional that will take you from the early hours of the day right through to the night.
10) Do Some Gardening!:
 Gardening will definitely get you into the Spring spirit and is a fabulous way to redo your garden after the long winter months. If you need some extra hands then why not make it into a family or friends project, plus this is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.
These are just ten little ideas which I came up with which will hopefully inspire you to 'Sprinkle Some Spring Love Into Your Life' and I hope that this helps you to get into the Spring Spirit until Summer comes! Remember these are just ten ideas, feel free to expand on my ideas or to add in your own, the more the better!
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

LOL: Laughing Out Loud Is Always Fun!

I've got one word to say about this picture: LOL! Hope you all found this picture just as Funny.


Hey Girls,

Well we officially have five more days until this month comes to an end :( and to say the least am pretty much gutted because April is one of my favourite months. I can't comprehend how fast this month has flown by, actually that's a lie because I pretty much can't get over how fast every month flies by :p. Anyways in todays post I wanted to share with you three tips which will help you glide into the last part of April and hopefully end this month well.

In order to get you feeling great I thought I'd put together my top three tips which am sure will get you looking fashionable, feeling healthy and looking beyond beautiful! If you girls take on board my three tips related to (Fashion, Health and Beauty) am sure you'll feel great in no time and trust me on that because I honestly do mean it. As girls we all need to ensure we try our best to look great, try our best to take good care of ourselves and try our best to look after our skin.

My Three Tips:..

Tip 1 (Fashion):
Fashion is everywhere nowadays you see it in the streets, TV advertisements and online etc., (feel free to finish off the list but my point is in order to feel great you need to look great right? So whether you chose to follow fashion trends or whether you chose to ignore it, is completely up to you but however I will say this always remember to dress for your body type, remember to wear what best represents you or your style and more importantly stay comfortable. Fashion has no rules, Fashion should be liberating and Fashion should be fun so go ahead and wear whatever makes you look and feel great. Looking fashionable isn't always easy but am sure being yourself is enough to get you looking super fashionable right?

Tip 2 (Health):
Stay healthy is essential for every human being out there so with that being said its important that us girls/women do our best to eat well, do our best to exercise on a regular basis and do our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that we are in tip top shape. Having a hectic or stressful life may lead us to not caring about what goes into our bodies, may lead us to feeling unhealthy and will make us look poorly which is why its highly imperative for us women to pay extra attention to what we consume on a daily basis and to make sure we eat healthily. Exercise is also something majority of us don't get enough of so hence why we should make it our long term goal to always find time to exercise, be ten minutes or be an hour because trust me it will make a world of difference in how we look and feel thus making our fitness levels improve rapidly. So lets all make sure that we do our best from now on to stay healthy.  

Tip 3 (Beauty):
Looking beautiful does not happen over night but rather looking beautiful will happen once you start taking better care of your face, hair, teeth, body and skin. First of all never ever think that your not beautiful because we are all beautiful in our own special ways, God didn't create us all to look the same but rather God created us to look different from each other which is what makes us beautiful in our own way. Taking good care of ourselves (beauty wise) is something which I cannot stress enough because nowadays it seems that majority of us forgot that in order to appear beautiful we need to put in some work. Putting in some effort will have a great impact because we will then not only feel amazing but we will also look beautiful.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

· Happy Sunday · Quote of The Day · Favourite Song ·

Quote Of The Day
Hey Guys I hope you all doing great I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Sunday or Day wherever you are in the world and whatever your Time Zone :D. Remember to always stay positive and remember to appreciate your health and your life and remember to always count your blessings. In this short blog post I wanted to share with you my 'Quote Of The Day' which I found that I hope will inspire you in one way or another. I also wanted to share with you my favourite song which I have been obsessed with recently by Selena Gomez 'Come & Get It', its a catchy and fun song that am sure will have you dancing, bopping your head or tapping your feet.
 Favourite Song
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Saturday, 20 April 2013

My March Favourites - 8 Internet Loves - 2013

Hiya Girls...

In todays post I will be sharing with you my internet loves in the month of March. I know that we are more than half way through April now and I am essentially late with this monthly favourites blog post but please understand that am currently in my last year at university and am trying to work as hard as possible to get a great pass and trust me with the way things have been going lately I do worry that I won't end up gradating (God forbid I don't want that to happen) which is such a negative way to think right, given that am always advising and encouraging you guys to always stay positive and to do the best you can.
However I will be working hard from now onwards to ensure I can get the best possible outcome :D. I also hope that if any of you guys are currently at school, regardless of your age you all end up doing very well so you'll end up enjoying the Summer a lot more :). Going back to this blog post I hope you girls enjoy reading eight of my internet loves in the month of March and I pray and hope wherever you are in the world that you all have a great day and please do not forgot to smile!

8 Internet Loves - My Monthly Favourites - March 2013

1) Favourite Online Show: Jessie
I've been loving this Disney show called 'Jessie' this past month. I've just been so obsessed with it and the four kids in this show are beyond hilarious. I tend to watch and keep up with this show through YouTube. Am sure by now that you guys know how much I love my Disney shows I feel like no matter how old I get I will never get bored of these Disney shows because I literally just can't get enough of watching them. 'Jessie is a Disney show that revolves around Jessie Prescott (Debby Ryan), an 18-year-old girl who travels from Texas to New York City and suddenly finds herself becoming a nanny to four unique children: Emma, Ravi, Luke and Zuri Ross.

2) Favourite Movie: An American Girl 'Chrissa' Stands Strong
When I randomly came across this movie whilst browsing YouTube I decided to give it a go, even though its targeted towards younger girls in general I still found this movie very inspiring and was moved by how the main character of the movie 'Chrissa' is just so strong whilst being bullied at school. Am not going to give much away just in case you guys want to watch this movie but I will say that this movie is definitely a movie which will leave you feeling inspired to always stay strong regardless of what happens to you through your life.

3) Favourite YouTuber: Rachel Talbott (CheckInTheMirror)
My favourite YouTuber has definitely got to be Rachel Talbott also known by her YouTube screen name (CheckInTheMirror). Am not even kidding when I say that this past month I've loved every one of her video uploads on her channel. She is such a sweet, kind and generous person who does her best to inspire us girls/women. Here's a bit about her YouTube channel 'From one girl to another, I wanna make videos that inspire others to look and feel their very best!! In a society that puts beauty before everything else, it's important that inner beauty and confidence radiates FIRST and foremost. CHECKINTHEMIRROR, but don't stare at it. =)'. I hope you girls get the chance to check out her channel.

4) Favourite Social Network Site: Facebook
I feel myself drifting away from Twitter back to Facebook all of a sudden! I guess after being a Twitter addict for almost three years am finally starting to get just a little bit bored but don't get me wrong I still think Twitter is cool but for this past Month I've been using this social network site more often. For me Facebook is where you go to communicate and talk to your close friends and family and Twitter is the network site which has a much bigger platform and allows you to interact with a lot more people from all walks of life and am pretty sure its a site which is a lot more popular amongst majority of the social networkers. To conclude Facebook has been my best friend this past month :).

5) Favourite Song: Contagious Love by Zendaya and Bella Thorne
Whenever I needed a boost of happiness this past month I saw myself going back to this fun song sung and rapped by the adorable Zendaya and Bella Thorne! This song has a great message which am sure you girls will love regardless of your age. They actually kind of make me feel a little bit old because there so young being 16 and 15 respectively. I actually recently did a short post on this song so be sure to go and check it out if you want. Overall I'd say that this is a fabulous song which gets me feeling a lot happier when am feeling slightly blue :D.

6) Favourite Website: Google 'Search Engine'
Well well what can I say about Google! This search engine site is my go to site for everything and am pretty much sure am not the only one who uses this search engine whenever they need to quickly search for whatever it is that they are looking or searching for. However having said that I've realised that I've been using this search engine site more and more frequently this past month and am actually not so sure why but either way I guess you can never go wrong with Google.

7) Favourite YouTube Video: The Hurricane Lyric Video
I've been a fan of Bridgit Mendler for awhile now, I think it's been nearly a full year since I've become a legit fan of Bridgit. This new song got released on '14th of March 2013' on YouTube through her Vevo Channel. This isn't the official music video for the 'Hurricane' song but rather it is a fun lyric video supported by the 'Hurricane' soundtrack. Majority of the Disney stars who I have followed over the last couple of years that have transitioned into the music scene or have been in the music industry before they started acting have been great such as 'Demi Lovato' and the 'Jonas Brothers' however with Bridgit I feel like she brings something new and something different and her singing style is just amazing so please go and check out her Vevo Channel.

8) Favourite Blog: JustJaredJr
This blog website is a massive addiction of mine and I have become more obsessed with it this past month. JustJaredJr are always offering and delivering the latest pop culture 24/7 which is just fabulous. I also love how there posts are relatively short because it doesn't bore you to death about unneeded information. Another advantage about this news website is that they keep it fresh and fun because all the latest news that they offer seems to be positive which is rare to see nowadays in the news industry.
Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post where I shared with you eight of my internet loves and I hope you guys are doing great wherever you are and please remember to always be positive about life despite how hard it is sometimes because anything and everything is possible :D.

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Friday, 19 April 2013

My Advice To You | Live Life To The Fullest | Be Inspired

Live Life To The Fullest and Capture The Beautiful Moments Along The Way...  
Never Let Anyone Or Anything Put You Down...
Always Stay Strong...

Friday, 12 April 2013

Happppy Friday Girlies....

Happy Friday Girls!!!! I Hope today is fabulous for you all. I hope this beautiful quote picture inspires you girls to always stay positive and to always believe in yourselves, to always stay strong and to keep going regardless and to know that your future is very bright :).

Have A Happy April...

Hey Girls!!!

I know am a bit late on this but Happpppppppppppppppy April!!!
I truly pray and hope that this month is not only fabulous for you all but I pray that it's a successful month for you guys. Remember to always be positive and understand that regardless of what people say that anything and everything is possible but all it takes is for you to believe in yourself first because then your already halfway there trust me :). April is my favourite month of the year and not because it's my birthday month but because it's when the weather starts becoming a little bit more warmer here in the UK and because Spring officially starts to become evident in this month, well at least here in the UK despite the start of Spring being late March!

So to kick off April here are four songs which I've been loving recently I hope you all enjoy it and if you don't like any of the songs am about to share with you all then hey its no big deal am sure you'll probably like one song I probably might share with you one day... Never Say Never :p.

4 Songs Which I've Been Loving:
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