Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hey Girls,

Well we officially have five more days until this month comes to an end :( and to say the least am pretty much gutted because April is one of my favourite months. I can't comprehend how fast this month has flown by, actually that's a lie because I pretty much can't get over how fast every month flies by :p. Anyways in todays post I wanted to share with you three tips which will help you glide into the last part of April and hopefully end this month well.

In order to get you feeling great I thought I'd put together my top three tips which am sure will get you looking fashionable, feeling healthy and looking beyond beautiful! If you girls take on board my three tips related to (Fashion, Health and Beauty) am sure you'll feel great in no time and trust me on that because I honestly do mean it. As girls we all need to ensure we try our best to look great, try our best to take good care of ourselves and try our best to look after our skin.

My Three Tips:..

Tip 1 (Fashion):
Fashion is everywhere nowadays you see it in the streets, TV advertisements and online etc., (feel free to finish off the list but my point is in order to feel great you need to look great right? So whether you chose to follow fashion trends or whether you chose to ignore it, is completely up to you but however I will say this always remember to dress for your body type, remember to wear what best represents you or your style and more importantly stay comfortable. Fashion has no rules, Fashion should be liberating and Fashion should be fun so go ahead and wear whatever makes you look and feel great. Looking fashionable isn't always easy but am sure being yourself is enough to get you looking super fashionable right?

Tip 2 (Health):
Stay healthy is essential for every human being out there so with that being said its important that us girls/women do our best to eat well, do our best to exercise on a regular basis and do our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that we are in tip top shape. Having a hectic or stressful life may lead us to not caring about what goes into our bodies, may lead us to feeling unhealthy and will make us look poorly which is why its highly imperative for us women to pay extra attention to what we consume on a daily basis and to make sure we eat healthily. Exercise is also something majority of us don't get enough of so hence why we should make it our long term goal to always find time to exercise, be ten minutes or be an hour because trust me it will make a world of difference in how we look and feel thus making our fitness levels improve rapidly. So lets all make sure that we do our best from now on to stay healthy.  

Tip 3 (Beauty):
Looking beautiful does not happen over night but rather looking beautiful will happen once you start taking better care of your face, hair, teeth, body and skin. First of all never ever think that your not beautiful because we are all beautiful in our own special ways, God didn't create us all to look the same but rather God created us to look different from each other which is what makes us beautiful in our own way. Taking good care of ourselves (beauty wise) is something which I cannot stress enough because nowadays it seems that majority of us forgot that in order to appear beautiful we need to put in some work. Putting in some effort will have a great impact because we will then not only feel amazing but we will also look beautiful.

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