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My March Favourites - 8 Internet Loves - 2013

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In todays post I will be sharing with you my internet loves in the month of March. I know that we are more than half way through April now and I am essentially late with this monthly favourites blog post but please understand that am currently in my last year at university and am trying to work as hard as possible to get a great pass and trust me with the way things have been going lately I do worry that I won't end up gradating (God forbid I don't want that to happen) which is such a negative way to think right, given that am always advising and encouraging you guys to always stay positive and to do the best you can.
However I will be working hard from now onwards to ensure I can get the best possible outcome :D. I also hope that if any of you guys are currently at school, regardless of your age you all end up doing very well so you'll end up enjoying the Summer a lot more :). Going back to this blog post I hope you girls enjoy reading eight of my internet loves in the month of March and I pray and hope wherever you are in the world that you all have a great day and please do not forgot to smile!

8 Internet Loves - My Monthly Favourites - March 2013

1) Favourite Online Show: Jessie
I've been loving this Disney show called 'Jessie' this past month. I've just been so obsessed with it and the four kids in this show are beyond hilarious. I tend to watch and keep up with this show through YouTube. Am sure by now that you guys know how much I love my Disney shows I feel like no matter how old I get I will never get bored of these Disney shows because I literally just can't get enough of watching them. 'Jessie is a Disney show that revolves around Jessie Prescott (Debby Ryan), an 18-year-old girl who travels from Texas to New York City and suddenly finds herself becoming a nanny to four unique children: Emma, Ravi, Luke and Zuri Ross.

2) Favourite Movie: An American Girl 'Chrissa' Stands Strong
When I randomly came across this movie whilst browsing YouTube I decided to give it a go, even though its targeted towards younger girls in general I still found this movie very inspiring and was moved by how the main character of the movie 'Chrissa' is just so strong whilst being bullied at school. Am not going to give much away just in case you guys want to watch this movie but I will say that this movie is definitely a movie which will leave you feeling inspired to always stay strong regardless of what happens to you through your life.

3) Favourite YouTuber: Rachel Talbott (CheckInTheMirror)
My favourite YouTuber has definitely got to be Rachel Talbott also known by her YouTube screen name (CheckInTheMirror). Am not even kidding when I say that this past month I've loved every one of her video uploads on her channel. She is such a sweet, kind and generous person who does her best to inspire us girls/women. Here's a bit about her YouTube channel 'From one girl to another, I wanna make videos that inspire others to look and feel their very best!! In a society that puts beauty before everything else, it's important that inner beauty and confidence radiates FIRST and foremost. CHECKINTHEMIRROR, but don't stare at it. =)'. I hope you girls get the chance to check out her channel.

4) Favourite Social Network Site: Facebook
I feel myself drifting away from Twitter back to Facebook all of a sudden! I guess after being a Twitter addict for almost three years am finally starting to get just a little bit bored but don't get me wrong I still think Twitter is cool but for this past Month I've been using this social network site more often. For me Facebook is where you go to communicate and talk to your close friends and family and Twitter is the network site which has a much bigger platform and allows you to interact with a lot more people from all walks of life and am pretty sure its a site which is a lot more popular amongst majority of the social networkers. To conclude Facebook has been my best friend this past month :).

5) Favourite Song: Contagious Love by Zendaya and Bella Thorne
Whenever I needed a boost of happiness this past month I saw myself going back to this fun song sung and rapped by the adorable Zendaya and Bella Thorne! This song has a great message which am sure you girls will love regardless of your age. They actually kind of make me feel a little bit old because there so young being 16 and 15 respectively. I actually recently did a short post on this song so be sure to go and check it out if you want. Overall I'd say that this is a fabulous song which gets me feeling a lot happier when am feeling slightly blue :D.

6) Favourite Website: Google 'Search Engine'
Well well what can I say about Google! This search engine site is my go to site for everything and am pretty much sure am not the only one who uses this search engine whenever they need to quickly search for whatever it is that they are looking or searching for. However having said that I've realised that I've been using this search engine site more and more frequently this past month and am actually not so sure why but either way I guess you can never go wrong with Google.

7) Favourite YouTube Video: The Hurricane Lyric Video
I've been a fan of Bridgit Mendler for awhile now, I think it's been nearly a full year since I've become a legit fan of Bridgit. This new song got released on '14th of March 2013' on YouTube through her Vevo Channel. This isn't the official music video for the 'Hurricane' song but rather it is a fun lyric video supported by the 'Hurricane' soundtrack. Majority of the Disney stars who I have followed over the last couple of years that have transitioned into the music scene or have been in the music industry before they started acting have been great such as 'Demi Lovato' and the 'Jonas Brothers' however with Bridgit I feel like she brings something new and something different and her singing style is just amazing so please go and check out her Vevo Channel.

8) Favourite Blog: JustJaredJr
This blog website is a massive addiction of mine and I have become more obsessed with it this past month. JustJaredJr are always offering and delivering the latest pop culture 24/7 which is just fabulous. I also love how there posts are relatively short because it doesn't bore you to death about unneeded information. Another advantage about this news website is that they keep it fresh and fun because all the latest news that they offer seems to be positive which is rare to see nowadays in the news industry.
Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post where I shared with you eight of my internet loves and I hope you guys are doing great wherever you are and please remember to always be positive about life despite how hard it is sometimes because anything and everything is possible :D.

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