Friday, 31 May 2013

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Inspirational Poem | You Will Never See ME Fall

    You Will Never See ME Fall...

Inspirational Poem | Title: Fall | Keep Positive & Stay Happy


You may see me struggle
but you won't see me fall.
Regardless if I'm weak or not I'm going to stand tall.
Everyone says life is easy
but truly living it is not.
times get hard,
people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot.
I'm going to wear the biggest smile
even though I want to cry.
I'm going to fight to live
even though I'm destined to die.
and even though it's hard and I may struggle through it all.
you see me will NEVER see me fall.

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

CutePolish: Rainbow Ombre Using Only 3 Colors

 Hey Girls...

In todays blog post I will be sharing with you an amazing nail tutorial perfect for Spring and Summer. Am a big fan of cutepolish's videos because all her videos are fun, quick and easy to follow which Is just amazing. Am not the biggest fan of wearing nail polish nor do I like the idea of wearing  neon nail polishs, however with that being said I knew I had to share this fabulous 'Rainbow Ombre' nail tutorial with you girls when I watched it last weekend! This tutorial is very clever because you only need three colours to achieve a beautiful rainbow effect which is rather amazing. I love how she's applied the blending paint concept which you'd use in art or generally to blend two or more colours to create another colour, to achieve this gorgeous nail art instead of using several nail polish's.
She Blends & Overlaps:
Nail 1: Yellow & Pink To Form: A Orange Colour In The Middle
Nail 2: Pink & Blue To Form: A Purple Colour In The Middle
Nail 3: Yellow & Blue To Form: A Green In The Middle:
(She repeats Nail 1's Colours for the pinky finger and Nail 3's Colours for the Thumb)

Watch the video in HD to see the Colors POP even more! :)
 Hope you girls enjoyed this vibrant and fun nail tutorial created by the talented 'CutePolish' on YouTube. Be sure to check her YouTube channel where you'll find a lot more of her fun nail tutorials and remember to: Share Your Recreations With Her Via Her Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Celebrating 10,000 Views!!! (Thank You So Much)

OMG!!! I logged into my blogger account just right now and was surprised to see that I hit 10,000+ views :o.. (Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!) I cannot believe my eyes, I mean seriously it was just like yesterday that I started blogging so its a shock to see I went from 100 views to 10,000 views!!!
However I wanted to come here today to say a huge Thank You for every single view which totalled up to 10,000 views (argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh) am still so shocked and feel so numb with excitement. Am thrilled for all the support from all my readers, non-readers and random individuals accessing my blog etc :D because without all of you guys this wouldn't have been possible and to be really honest I don't always pay that much attention to the views but rather to the content I upload and publish, am always doing my best to try and better my writing, editing and blogging skills to ensure you all enjoy every blog post, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and this is only the beginning for me, so stay tuned for a lot more from me when things calm down :)..
Thank You & Here's 2 Us!!!
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Monday, 20 May 2013

Taylor Swift: RED

Hiya Girls!

In today's post I wanted to share with you a cool song which I recently discovered and have been loving. I've always been a fan of Taylor Swifts popular singles/songs but never really paid much attention to her as a song writer and singer. Whilst doing my work placement recently at a women's clothing store this song would be played a couple of times and I became obsessed with it to say the least. This song has a soft yet strong beat which is cool as she has combined opposing elements to create an amazing sound track, so I say well done to her!

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Five Fun Fuelled Activities · Weekend Adventures

Hello There!

In today's post I will be sharing with you people five fun activities which is perfect for the weekend and this time of year, in other words 'Spring'. Spring for me has the perfect balance of rain and sun and recently in London the weather has been amazing and a little hot for the UK with highs of 21-23 degrees which is rather weird as I know for sure the weather in the UK usually around the Spring time is pretty cold and damp. However I will be listing a variety of activities appropriate for both indoors and outdoors so you guys can always have fun no matter the weather!

I always find myself on free weekends wondering what fun activities I should be doing whether it be with friends, family or on my own so I finally decided to come up with a list of five possibly fun activities which you guys may enjoy hopefully, I mean don't get me wrong am no expert in the area of fun but I thought it could be implemented or adapted to your individual preference etc but regardless I hope this inspires you all to think outside the box of fun activities you guys can all do during the weekend this Spring so get creative and remember the sky's the limit!

Five Fun Fuelled Activities | Perfect For Any Spring Weekend

1) A day at the cinema with friends:
Why not treat yourself and your loved ones by taking a trip to the cinema to watch whatever movie/s you all want. I find that this is a great way to relax and enjoy the company you have whether it be your family, friends or even a close class mate, regardless am sure that this is a brilliant way to unwind and a great way to enjoy a fabulous & fun movie which am sure will make you forgot the stress of the real world and take your mind of things!

2) Going to theme parks/fun fairs:
Gosh I remember how much fun it used to be going to theme parks or local fun fairs, I literally lived life for this as a child and as a teenager. Going to any theme park/fun fair is an amazing way to have a lot of fun and am not just saying that lightly because I literally mean it when I say you'll have a lot of 'fun' so with that being said why not go out on a lovely warm day with your best friends and have a fun fuelled weekend adventure, just enjoy life a little.

3) Staying indoors all day with family:
I know what most of you are probably thinking but spending time with your family for a whole day indoors could probably sound pretty boring right? But your wrong it doesn't have to be that way am sure if you all get a little creative you could come up with a list of activities which you all can have fun doing the whole day indoors with your family. It's always fun to spend some quality time once in awhile with your family to show your love and appreciation for them.

4) A little garden party:
Garden parties for me seem so much fun I mean come on think about it, not only do you get to socialise with your neighbours, friends and loved ones but you get to eat a lot of yummy food and listen to some cool music. So why not set a date for a free weekend you have, be Saturday or Sunday and throw a little garden party. Am sure it will be so much fun decorating and putting together your garden for this little outdoors party, so go on and give it a go.

5) Baking goodies & treats:
Now this is definitely a fun one because you get to bake some delicious goodies and treats for yourself and essentially your family. So decide on a couple of treats and goodies to make and get started right away. Baking is a fun way to get everyone off there backside and a great way to get all those youngsters (especially teenagers and young adults) away from there gadgets, be laptops or mobile phones, just have fun together and happy baking to you all!

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hiya Girlies...

I just wanted to pop in today to do a short blog post on how you can jump into may. Now am going to be listing five simple things you can do to make this month even better than last month and to make sure that you do the best you can during this entire month. (Alert - A Little Ramble Coming Up), Currently am on work experience and my work placement is with a women's clothing store which requires me to do a ton of work and i work roughly between 7-10hrs depending on the day and today i was in from 9.40am-6.40pm which is nine hours of hard work which leads to complete exhaustion and if it wasn't bad already am not getting paid (obviously Amina because it is an unpaid work placement), i also get aching feet at the end of the day due to standing the whole day which is beyond painful and i only get an hour lunch break which is the only time i get to rest and sit down sadly but however am doing this for my university degree so i guess you can say (No pain No gain). Sorry about my ramble but i just wanted to explain to you girls that i haven't stop blogging for no apparent reason but rather it is due to work and so much stress knowing its my last month of university and i got tons to do!

Anyways i hope you all enjoy this blog post and i hope that this month is not only fabulous but full of happiness and success! Now the five simple things am about to share with you will hopefully help you on your way and it will hopefully inspire you to never give up!

5 Ways You Can JUMP INTO MAY

1) Work Hard: Doing this will ensure that you achieve your short and long term goals!
2) Be Positive: Positivity can take you a long way, so remember to stay positive regardless!
3) Don't Quit: Quitters never win, so never ever quit because things can change in the last second!
4) Aim High: Reach for the sky and am pretty sure you won't return back empty handed!
5) Do Your Best: At the end of the day all you can do is your best so continue to give it your all!

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hello May...

Hiya Guys!!!!

I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a happy, successful and fabulous May! I hope this month is great for you all and I also hope that you all achieve 'well' what you want to achieve :). Am sad to see the month of April gone but right now am thinking 'bring on May!'. Just know that anything and everything is possible no matter how hard it is at first or how impossible it may seem because in the last second when you least expect anything to happen it will happen and things will change for the better :D.