Sunday, 26 May 2013

CutePolish: Rainbow Ombre Using Only 3 Colors

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In todays blog post I will be sharing with you an amazing nail tutorial perfect for Spring and Summer. Am a big fan of cutepolish's videos because all her videos are fun, quick and easy to follow which Is just amazing. Am not the biggest fan of wearing nail polish nor do I like the idea of wearing  neon nail polishs, however with that being said I knew I had to share this fabulous 'Rainbow Ombre' nail tutorial with you girls when I watched it last weekend! This tutorial is very clever because you only need three colours to achieve a beautiful rainbow effect which is rather amazing. I love how she's applied the blending paint concept which you'd use in art or generally to blend two or more colours to create another colour, to achieve this gorgeous nail art instead of using several nail polish's.
She Blends & Overlaps:
Nail 1: Yellow & Pink To Form: A Orange Colour In The Middle
Nail 2: Pink & Blue To Form: A Purple Colour In The Middle
Nail 3: Yellow & Blue To Form: A Green In The Middle:
(She repeats Nail 1's Colours for the pinky finger and Nail 3's Colours for the Thumb)

Watch the video in HD to see the Colors POP even more! :)
 Hope you girls enjoyed this vibrant and fun nail tutorial created by the talented 'CutePolish' on YouTube. Be sure to check her YouTube channel where you'll find a lot more of her fun nail tutorials and remember to: Share Your Recreations With Her Via Her Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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