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Last Day Of APRIL | My Top 4 YouTubers

Hiya Girlies,

So in today blog post I will be sharing with you my top four YouTubers who I am currently loving and have been loving for awhile now actually as well but before I get to that part I just can't believe that today is the last day of April :o.., I mean seriously that can't be possible because this month only began like yesterday! (okay am exaggerating a little but you guys get my point right?) To continue it is rather upsetting for me because this month is like my favourite month ever :D (and not because its my birthday month) and to think that tomorrow is the start of May (Woah there I think I might start to cry and panic because this next month is my last full month of university (yaaay) and after May I will hopefully be done with my higher education :) (Lets hope!!!).. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this blog post and I hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday or day whatever day it is when you read this post.

My Top 4 YouTubers...

YouTuber 1: Evelina

I've recently been loving all of Evelina's videos especially her DIY's! There's nothing that this fabulous girl can't do, I honestly get so happy when I see that she has uploaded a new video and it appears in my subscription box. Evelina is definitely one of my favourite YouTubers and I've actually been watching her videos for awhile now and am still not getting bored of her which can only mean one thing that she is well 'Inspirational'. Here's the description about her channel, 'My name is Evelina and I am beach bum who loves Sushi and Tomato juice! I also live, dream and breath fashion. I am an aspiring fashion editor and designer and my goal is to bring positivity and soul into the fashion world. This channel is my outlet for sharing my passion for styling, DIY projects, and sometimes my life. I hope you feel like home and don't be shy to say hi!.' Overall this girl is brilliant in creating awesome DIY and Fashion videos which am sure will inspire and impact you in many positive ways. Hope you guys get the chance to check out her channel especially if you love Fashion & DIY's because you'll not only enjoy it but it will inspire you to start being more creative!

YouTuber 2: EleventhGorgeous

So here's the thing with these two girls, I've actually discovered them not too long ago I'd say probably around late December and around the New year which is pretty recent right? Anyways now that I have been watching these girls for awhile am starting to really like there channel and there videos respectively because honestly there are like a breath of fresh air to me because its rare that you would find two sisters actually sharing a YouTube channel together because usually most siblings  would end up having a channel of there own etc. There videos are always so fun to watch and to say the least I never get bored of them because they are so bubbly, seem friendly and look genuine. This is exactly what they say about there YouTube channel, 'eleventhgorgeous | Tracy and Stefanie, We are two sisters who like sharing tips on affordable makeup and fashion.' I love YouTube channels which are upbeat, fun and fashion related which is exactly how I would describe this channel even though they do specialised in makeup as well. I hope you girls check out there wonderful channel because am sure you won't leave disappointed but rather you will leave there channel feeling Happy!

YouTuber 3: Fab Lunch

The girl behind this Fab Lunch channel is inspirational to me in so many ways because majority of her recipes are healthy and fresh and what's even more cool is that her videos are always very informative, well filmed and beautifully edited. I consider the girl behind this channel to be one of my favourite food people on YouTube now! Here is a description about what her channel is about and what she does, 'SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW HEALTHY LUNCH RECIPES AND HEALTHY BAKING TIPS! Don't know what to make for your next lunch? I am here to help! This channel features quick and healthy lunch recipes and many food and nutrition related advices.' As I've grown up I feel myself strictly watching what I consume on a regular basis to make sure I try to eat as healthy as possible, so watching these healthy food recipe videos are great because I find myself learning more about the healthy options available to me and it also inspires me to start making more nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more healthy snacks for in between meals. Hope you guys go and check out her awesome channel because am sure you will all love it!
YouTuber 4: AprilAthena7

April is such a sweet, adorable and kind individual who I also discovered recently but am telling you this girl is super sweet and am not just saying that because I love watching her videos but because she really is so kind and generous. Her channel description is short and on point because it just states what it is that she does, 'About ✿ AprilAthena7: Beauty, Baking, DIY, Tutorials! ✿.' Majority of her videos are very informative and I can instantly tell that she loves working hard on her videos for us girls which is so inspirational to see. The videos which I really really enjoy from her channel is her hauls, reviews and favourites videos and actually am not so sure why I enjoy these videos the most but it could be to do with the fact that the reviews and favourites videos are so in depth, detailed and informative and her hauls are just so fun to watch because it gives you an insight to some of the current makeup/fashion trends out there etc. I also love the advices she offers here and there as well. I've yet to watch her baking videos but am sure once I do start watching it they will be amazing. Hope you girls get the chance to check out her lovely channel which am sure you'll all enjoy!

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...

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