Saturday, 1 June 2013

Make The Homeless Smile! - Happy June 2013

Hiya Guys,

Well its officially June! I wanted to wish you all a Happy June and i pray that this month is great for you all. I still can't believe how we are now half way through the year, crazy right? It always freaks me out how fast each day, week, month, season and year flies by, i mean seriously its like we can't even keep up anymore with time and am pretty sure you all agree with me :P. Moving on i know that most of you are still in school and most of you are on summer break but regardless of your situation i hope that you try to replace any negativity that you have in your body with positivity because it'll make a huge amount of difference, trust me on that guys!

So to kick off this month i thought I'd share with you all a video which touched my heart, was very inspiring and emotional. This video made me understand that sometimes we have to get out of our little bubble which we live in and smell reality. I know there are a lot of people out there in the world who help the less fortunate etc but realistically the statistics need to increase rapidly not soon but right now as i write. If we all tried to help those less fortunate our world would be a much brighter more beautiful place, so i hope that this video inspires you all to increase your acts of kindness whether it be buying brand new toys and donating it to a children's hospital, or generally helping out your community to make your neighbourhood a more safer place, or be donating your spare time to volunteer for your favourite charity etc the possibilities are endless.

A huge shout out to the guys who came up with the idea to help out the homeless people...

So promise me one thing from now on that you'll try to acknowledge, help out and be kind to those less fortunate be a sick, homeless or elderly person. Hope you all enjoyed reading today's blog post and remember to smile, and stay street safe...

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