Saturday, 28 September 2013

Celebrating MY 100th Blog Post &

Hiya Girlies!

So today's topic is pretty exciting as I am celebrating my 100th blog post (Whaaaaaat) yes I am too in total shock I couldn't believe it myself either :o. I am proud that I kept going regardless of the little breaks here and there. I mean it just goes to show that you should never ever quit, regardless of how tough it may get sometimes because if you did am sure you wouldn't get anywhere in life. This year hasn't been a easy year for me to say the least, I experienced my fair share of hardships since the year began 9 months ago :( but my attitude during hard/rough times is to just stay patient and positive, to understand that it will be over soon and to know that there are a lot of people around the world going through the same thing or going through an even more harder time. All in all be that individual who always stays positive whatever the problem.

So to celebrate with you all I decided that I'd keep today's blog post pretty fun and simple by sharing with you some of my recent hearts on Weheartit. I've again gone back to obsessing over the cool pictures of this awesome picture site, like literally am not kidding you when I say I have gone back  to obsessing, am literally logging in everyday to see what new images I can find to add to my ever growing gallery of pictures, I know pretty crazy right? What can I say am a Weheartit junkie. So here goes I will be sharing ten pictures which are my recent finds that I absolutely love. Hope you all enjoy browsing through them.

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