Sunday, 27 October 2013

Music Sunday: Top 7 Songs Of The Week

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Happy Sunday Guys, hoping that you all are have a great day/evening. Today I will be sharing with you seven songs which I been loving this week. Am the type of person who appreciates all types of genres of music be pop rock to country and am sure there are still are lot more music genres which I haven't yet heard but that's okay, all am trying to say is that every genre of music is cool and am just an individual who is open minded meaning am always open to listening to new/different music so with that being said I will share with you all my top seven favourites of this week. This week hasn't at all been bad and I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit which am certainly grateful to God for :). Sometimes I have those up and down weeks which isn't exactly great but I mean what do you expect that's life for you it always has something to throw at you.

This is my first Music Sunday post and I plan on doing a lot more of it hopefully in the future to share with you all what songs I've been listening to in that week. I don't always listen to music but when I do am the type of person to keep listening to the same song for awhile because I become so obsessed with it that am like 'this song is cool am now not listening to any other song for a good hour or so', hahaha but however eventually I do get bored of it at the end and end up finding another song to listen to be honest with you. As am currently writing this blog post am feeling exhausted but that's no excuse as I need to up my blogging game and so here I am writing for you guys because your all worth it. Anyways I hope you all are open to listening to different music and so will hopefully give all seven songs a listen!

Top 7 Songs - Of The Week:

Be sure to stay safe wherever you live today and don't forget to smile as life is precious!

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