Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Hiya Girls! 

So in today's post I'll be sharing with you just a few things which I love about this season. As you can see above I have shared with you all a collage which for me captures the Autumn season and spirit rather well. Autumn is a beautiful season just like Spring, Summer and Winter and this is also a time of weather change as the transition of the hot/warm weather of Summer changes and the weather becomes slightly more cooler, well at least for the majority as am sure there are many cities which are still pretty warm. I must admit I never was a fan of this season up until recently and I remember thinking a couple of years ago that both Autumn and Winter were horrible seasons which come to think of it I do not understand. However though I now have such great appreciation for both seasons as they make the world a more beautiful place because a world with one season would just be okay but a world with different seasons is definitely the way to go! So now lets get to talking about the five images which I've merged into a collage.

Image 1: I just love those little lights which can use for both indoors and outdoors as they add a bit of colour and light essentially and they totally transform the atmosphere of wherever you place it so give it a go and light up your garden and home. Image 2: Drinking hot chocolate in this season is definitely a favourite of mine as it warms me up and it's a great hot drink to have after a cold long day but it is also important in this season to drink a lot more hot drinks as it is a good way to stay warm. Image 3: Having the odd sweet treat be cup cakes, cookies, candy etc is a fab way to get into the Autumn spirit as this is the season of eating good food (and by good I mean full satisfying meals as in the Spring & Summer seasons we all tend to eat a little lighter) alongside a couple of sweet treats so go ahead and enjoy yourself but do so in moderation please.

Image 4: Candles are a beautiful yet simple way to add that cosy touch to your home especially for the living area and bedroom. Also am pretty sure that many stores or shops are starting to bring new scents perfect for this season which is a good time to go and purchase a couple to make your home smell amazing. Image 5: Wearing big/comfortable sweaters or jumpers is a good way to stay warm when the weather starts to get a lot more chilly. I love to layer up in the colder months as this ensures you are properly protected from the cold weather. So please remember to stay very warm this season when it does get cooler/colder.

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