Sunday, 24 November 2013

DIY: Transform Your Jumpers With Studs


So in today's blog post i will be sharing with you all how you can simply transform your old or no longer worn jumper/s into something cool, edgy and fresh. Now as you all know i love DIY so much and actually today's post is an exciting one for me personally. Nowadays not many people understand the art and beauty of DIY because if they truly did then they wouldn't waste a lot of money purchasing new goods be clothing or furniture when they can easily revamp their old/existing ones. It doesn't take much to make something look beautiful and new again but rather just a little bit of creativity. Now today's DIY is a simple one which am sure most of you can all try out at home when you have some free time on your hands.

You can purchase studs either online or through craft/fabric stores all you have to do is just look for the type of studs you want, prefer or like. Then once you've chosen the studs you want all you have to do is use your imagination or the internet for a source of inspiration to decorate your jumper/s with as little or as many studs you like. You can make it simple or bold because it's entirely up to you so just have fun with it, take your time and enjoy transforming your jumper into something special that when you wear it all your friends will be asking where you brought your amazingly wonderful jumper from. Enjoy studding...

A Fashion DIY  | 6 Studded Jumper Ideas

Hope this post inspired you all to be a little bit more creative and hopefully you can all from now on do a lot more home DIY's :)

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