Thursday, 21 November 2013

Style Spotter: Demi Lovato

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Today i will be sharing with you all a cool yet funky outfit which i found online worn by the lovely Demi Lovato. It's funny because it's been way too long since i last blogged about anything fashion related to say the least which is shocking because i really do love fashion! Anyways getting back to the topic of this blog post the reason why i love this outfit so much is 1) am a maxi skirt person so when i saw this outfit i instantly loved it 2) the colour combinations are fabulous and really work together beautifully 3) the detailing on both the maxi skirt and shirt is simply stunning. Now Demi did such a great job putting together this funky outfit but at the same time she managed to keep it looking cool, young and simple. Am certainly going to be taking some inspiration from her outfit for this season and the next, as am hoping to experiment with my outfits a lot more just so i can switch things up and have a bit more fun with what i wear whilst staying comfortable.

Maxi skirts can be worn in any season however most people are a bit skeptical when it comes to wearing a maxi during the colder months in both Autumn/Winter because they feel that they may  just end up getting cold or feel like they won't know exactly what to pair it with but however it is simpler than it looks i mean think about it if you purchase yourself a good quality maxi skirt with a slightly more heavier material/fabric (better suited to the colder months) you can easily style together several looks from pairing it with a cosy jumper, your jacket or coat and flat shoes (of your choice) for a more casual look to wearing it with a beautiful top, a blazer and your favourite heels for a more put together/dressy look etc the possibilities are endless and trust me am speaking from experience. Demi Lovato's outfit wouldn't be appropriate to wear in the colder months especially here in the UK but i thought i'd still share it with you all for inspirational purposes.

I also loved her makeup, hair and cute hat, also let's just talk about her amazing hair for a second please like seriously i love this colour and length on her it really suits her. I also love how beautiful she looks with defined brows, a bit of eye makeup whilst keeping her lip colour very simple.

A Full Picture: Showing Her Entire Outfit...
Link To Where I Found All Images Used: Demi Lovato's Outfit Pictures

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