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The Autumn Tag -

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Today am bring you a tag blog post which should hopefully give you guys a bit more insight into what am loving currently this Autumn. Now before I get started can we just talk about how we've only got three more days left of this month, like where did November go, did this month just decide to run away from us hahaha, no but on a serious level it's always so mind blowing how every month just passes by extremely fast like I don't know about you guys but I remember July being like yesterday and now all of a sudden it's November. I don't think am ever going to be able to get my head around this whole year flying by super quickly.

Autumn was never a season that I loved simply because I preferred Spring and Summer. However somehow recently as I've gotten older, I've learned to just appreciate it to be honest. The funny thing which I cannot get used to though is how early it gets dark outside like honestly guys it's kind of annoying because am still very used to the long summer days that when it gets dark here in London very early am just like 'where did the day go'. Also some people are so random that they assume it's already Winter, I feel like telling them despite how cold it feels every season lasts for a good three months so technically Winter starts late December even though it may already feel like Winter in most cities. Moving on I hope you all enjoy reading this Autumn tag blog post.

The Autumn Tag -

1.What's your favourite Autumn fashion trend?
Am not really fully aware of the all the autumn trends for this year just yet however though I am loving the darker coloured clothing worn by majority of people including myself from forest greens to rich purples. I just love it because it's such a refreshing change from the lighter/brighter colours we all tend to wear in the warmer months. Dark colours are always in for both autumn and winter.

2. Favourite YouTuber this Autumn? 
I've been loving the adorable 'Bethany Mota' also known as her youtube name 'Macbarbie07' now the reason why I've picked her among many other youtubers is because for me she radiates positivity. She makes everything seem fun, although she is a bit younger than me I still find her videos fun, informative and enjoyable to watch. You guys have to check out her youtube channel.

3. Describe your perfect Autumn day?
My perfect autumn day would involve me staying at home snuggled up all warm with my duvet in my bed watching a ton of youtube videos on my blackberry phone as well as chilling in my living room with my family whilst we watch a lot of films/tv shows. So as you can see I love staying indoors, being all cosy and just relaxing during the autumn time.

4. Favourite Autumn drink?
Obviously it has to be the 'hot chocolate' because I mean you just cannot get any better than a good cup of hot chocolate like literally. However though recently I have been enjoying a lot more tea so I mean am not so sure where that puts me but though my all time favourite has to be the hot chocolate because I've loved this hot drink for so many years that I've lost count to say the least.

5. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
Now this one is an interesting one, well to be honest I love that the weather gets a lot more cooler and your able to layer up a lot more with your clothing because am sure you cannot do that during the summer months as am pretty sure you'll sweat to death. May I also add that I do love the leaves changing colour I find that so amazing, it's the little things in life that really get me.

6. Favourite makeup trend for Autumn?
My top makeup trend for this season is definitely coloured eye liners without a doubt because they
just add a beautiful pop of colour to any makeup look. Darker colours are more appropriate for this time of year but however its up to you. Personally am loving my turquoise eyeliner which is more on the brighter side but it really does do a good job of brightening up my eye look.

7. How's the weather so far this Autumn where you live?
The weather here in London was fine at the beginning of autumn because it was only a little cool out (when I say cool I mean it still being pretty warm but not summer hot of course). However as the days went on it started to get a lot more colder and trust me we have all been feeling the weather change here in the UK I kid you not but we've been dealing with it.

8. A Favourite TV show that your loving this Autumn? 
I've been loving the nickelodeon sitcom, 'Sam & Cat' this autumn so far, honestly its one of the most hilarious shows I've seen so far this autumn. I can always count on this show to cheer me up, make me smile and laugh. Now because I haven't got the nickelodeon channel at home I tend to watch all the episodes via youtube so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

9. Favourite Autumn food, snack or meal? 
Well I know the answer to this question very very very well because my favourite food for autumn is lasagne. I mean I just love it especially for dinner, actually now am starting to feel pretty hungry thinking about it. I just remember my mother regularly making lasagne for us during the colder months so I would definitely without hesitation say lasagne is my favourite food/meal.

10. Name a song which you have been obsessed with this Autumn?
I've been listening to Ariana Grande's song 'Right There' non stop this autumn. It's actually funny I always play this song whenever I want to listen to a bit of music or pass the time. It's a good catchy song, this girl can sing her lungs out for sure. Ariana has also actually been one of my favourite singers of 2013 so far and I've been obsessed with her songs since 'Baby I'.

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