Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Winter Break | 15 Fun Family Films

Hello Guys...

Can't believe that tomorrow is 2014... I really cannot believe it, am in total shock guys. Just
cannot get over how 2013 is almost over. Honestly where did the year go? Hello 2013 where are you! Are we being tricked? I remember the beginning of this year like it was yesterday. Feels almost like a dream because it doesn't feel real. Wow, time really does not wait. I mean it does freak me out how fast we are all getting older, it's like I feel like telling time that am not ready to become a year older but then time interrupts me and says, "It Is Not Up To You But Rather It Is Up To ME". Funny I know but honestly it is pretty scary how quickly each month flies by and to tell you guys the truth I still remember being 18 like it was yesterday (Yeah you better believe it, that's how fast time is running).

In this blog post I will be sharing with you fifteen fun family films that you can hopefully watch during this winter break with your family or on your own. I don't know about you guys but one thing that comes to mind during the winter holidays/break is {TV.FILM.TV.FILM} and Family because it's a time where we all should be relaxing and doing our best to spend some good quality time with our loved ones, though I haven't done that lately, (Ssssh don't tell anyone please :P). I really hope you all are currently having a great winter break, remember to take it easy, remember to stay healthy and most importantly don't forget to stay safe... Hope you give some of these fifteen film suggestions a watch and if you can't then that's fine I just hope you spend some good quality time with your family this winter.

Some Suggestions | 15 Fun Family Films

1) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York 
2) Monsters University
3) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
4) It Takes Two
5) Alvin and The Chipmunks
6) The Lion King
7) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
8) Hotel Transylvania 
9) The Game Plan
10) Toy Story 3
11) Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone
12) Finding Nemo
13) The Parent Trap
14) The Croods
15) An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong

Hope you all have a great last day of December & 2013...

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Monday, 30 December 2013

~Q.U.O.T.E OF T.H.E D.A.Y~

Style Spotter: Selena Gomez

Well it's officially December 30th :o - Wow only one day left until 2014... To be honest right now i have mixed emotions on whether am looking forward to 2014 starting or whether am dreading it but in all honesty i think it's a bit of both. Either way i just pray and hope that this upcoming year will be the best yet for all of us, so despite what happened this year (2013) lets all try to stay positive that things will look up for me, you and everyone. Am aware that both DIY & Fashion are my favourite areas to blog/write about and sadly this year i wasn't able to share with you enough posts on both but however hopefully that will all change in the upcoming year as i plan on blogging a whole lot more. 
So let's just get started with this fashion post, today i will be sharing with you a casual outfit which i spotted the lovely Selena Gomez wearing. Now for me to share an outfit with you i must firstly really like it and secondly it has to have the potential in some way to inspire you all to try out new looks or to get out of your little comfort zone and experiment a bit more. I do prefer Selena's casual outfits more compared to her more dressier looks for premieres/events because am more of a casual individual but not only that her outfits usually have a comfortable vibe which i think every girl or women can relate to which is cool.

 Now this casual outfit that i spotted can be worn in my opinion for both summer (warmer weather) or winter (colder weather) but the only difference is that you'll have to adjust this outfit for the winter months by adding more layers for example you can wear it with a denim shirt and a jacket/coat to keep you warm or you could also wear it with your choice of jumper/top/shirt appropriate for the more colder climate and maybe your favourite hoodie over it.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, i mean i know that most people are a bit fussy with having their outfit look perfect, however those individuals must understand that this is a casual look so what's important here is that you feel comfortable yet stylish, which Selena manages to do wonderfully in this outfit. I love everything in this outfit from her shoes to her studded bag, also both her trousers and top are versatile in the sense that they are simple pieces that have the potential to be styled further to create different looks. This outfit has a casual yet put together feel about it whilst at the same time the overall appearance looks simple/classic, so well done to Selena.

Overall i love this outfit from Selena Gomez, she honestly looks cute and what made me want to share this outfit with your guys even more is because am sure that everything she's wearing can be purchased from any high-street store with a inexpensive price tag, obviously you won't be able to find the exact same pieces but am sure you'll be able to find something very similar. I hope this post has inspired you all to try out new things with your style and if you feel like your not exactly ready or too keen on experimenting then why not try incorporating small bits and bobs into your looks be getting a new bag, coat or even new jewellery, my point here is that by starting out small you'll gradually get the confidence to try out more different/unique clothing items, so give it a go guys! 

Link To: Selena Gomez's Outfit Pictures

Fashion should be fun, so wear whatever makes you feel GREAT... 

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Keep Calm & Chase Your Dream - 8 Reasons Why!

8 Reasons Why You Should Chase Your Dream/s:

1) Life is boring if you just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen so chase your dream/s.
2) Think about the destination, think about that amazing feeling you'll get at the end.
3) Chasing your dream/s will surely bring about many wonderful benefits that will be amazing.
4) Keep falling, try again. Nothing worth having comes easy, so work very hard.
5) Have self belief and am sure everything will work out. Come on it will be worth it in the end.
6) Another reason is to prove to the doubters/haters that anything is possible in life.
7) Well lets put it this way quitters never win, so if want that dream/s then put in a good fight.
8) Stay positive, stay patient, be determined and with that mindset your dream/s will come true.
{Hope this inspires you all to chase your dreams}

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Friday, 27 December 2013

It's The Little Things...

Hello There...

In this post I will be sharing with you a couple of little things that make me happy. For me it is definitely important to consider the little things in life just as much as the big/more obvious things. Sometimes we all tend to take those little things for granted which isn't very smart now is it. I mean am the type of person who tries to acknowledge those little things in my life and in life which are actually a blessing that many forget about which is pretty sad. So remember to always appreciate the little things.

~Love The Little Things~
Be Thankful For The Little Things In Your Life...
~Appreciate The Little Things~

I appreciate drinking hot chocolate or any other hot drinks like tea when the weather gets colder for example in the Autumn and Winter months. I love that I have the privilege to drink a hot drink whenever I want, for me I see it as a little blessing that makes me a lot more thankful for the little things in life. As I've grown older I've learned to be more appreciative of everything little or big.

I love it when it rains, listening to the rain pour and watching it rain through my bedroom window has become something that I tend to do when it rains. I feel like it somehow makes me relax a lot more and reflect on life a little more which is fantastic because honestly sometimes I don't get the chance to reflect on my life. The rain is a little something which I really do appreciate in life now.

Another little thing which I am very grateful for is my lovely and cosy bed. I just love my bed and if I had the chance I would definitely stay in bed all day long and do absolutely nothing. Also I do appreciate those long sleeps on my bed that sadly I don't often get but when I do get the chance to have a good nights sleep then am certainly beyond thrilled when I wake up feeling rested.

This may sound cheesy but I don't care because to be honest with you guys am very thankful for blogging as not only do I love it but it's a way for me to sometimes get away from everything bad and to just relax. Few years ago I never would have thought that I would become a blogger but you know what am happy that I am and so this is another little thing that I am grateful for in my life.
Having the privilege to see another day for most may just be another day but however it is a blessing to consider. Most people don't realise how amazing it is to be given another day to live.

It's The Little Things That Make Me Happy...

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Winter Beauty: Glitter Eyeshadows

Hello Girls!

In this post I wanted to talk about how glitter eye shadows because they sure do add a beautiful touch of glamour. For me I love eye makeup but however I only wear any eye makeup on special occasions like for weddings etc. Am not a big fan of makeup and on a daily basis all I have on my face is either lotion or vaseline. However when the time comes and I have to wear a bit of makeup I would rather create a beautiful eye look and keep the rest of my face including my lips relatively simple and clean with just a touch of bronzer. Now glitter eye shadows are definitely appropriate for parties or special occasions, so I wanted to encourage you all to give it a go the next time your invited to a party or wedding etc.

The glitter eye look isn't exactly for everyone and if your not confident enough to wear a lot of glitter then why not try adding a bit of glitter like in the above picture (on the right) to get a stunning low key effect. However if your a big fan of glitter and your up for experimenting with glitter eye shadows then feel free to go all out like the above picture (on the left) it's entirely up to you on how much glitter you incorporate into your eye makeup just experiment a little and see what works and what doesn't. Makeup should be fun don't feel pressured to wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable but rather think about what might suit your style as an individual, are you all about wearing bold/loud makeup or are you more about wearing makeup that is simple/elegant. Be experimental yet stay true to who you are.

Have Fun This Winter With Glitter Eyeshadows...

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Winter Things - Outdoor Tree Lights

Hey Guys...

In today's post i just wanted to share with you guys how much i just love those tree lights, i honestly feel like i might be just a little obsessed. They add such beautiful touch to those leafless trees which wonderfully lights up the streets of the city. Now we all know that these tree lights appear during the holiday season which is understandable however though in my opinion these little lights should not just be restricted to this festive season but rather should be used throughout the whole year, i mean think about how cool it would be (Not everybody's cup of tea but for me, i know i sure would love it without a doubt). I just love seeing these tree lights reappear this time of year, every year.

Recently i was out with my friends for a catch up dinner and i spotted these small-medium sized trees covered with these lovely lights not far off from the tube station that i exited and because i hadn't been out in awhile i was just so happy to see them (mind you that's all i kept looking at, i didn't even notice the people on the streets to be fair hahaha). So yes this post was really nothing special but i thought that i'd just share with you why i love tree lights and because we are currently in the holiday season, it was the perfect opportunity to share it with you guys. Well i hope you all had a great day filled with light and happiness, remember to stay safe and have a great night or day!

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Go On Give It A Read...


                                                © Liz
Family can make you angry
Sometimes they make you sad
But family never gives up on you
Even when you're bad
Sometimes family hurt you
They cut you to the core
They can yell, and scream, say
hurtful words
Then turn and slam the door
What makes this passion run so deep
Why does it even matter?
Because their bonds, their blood,
their hearts, are tied forever after

 Toughest Of Times

                                     © Kimberly Williams
During the toughest of times we must band together!
When the bad weather hits us straight on,
we have to get through that rough storm.
Holding each other with a tight grip
so that each one of us do not slip.
For that rough weather will take us on,
trying to tear us apart one by one.
So family let's hold on to each other with all our might!
And when that bad weather hits us straight on,
we'll get through it still standing as a family, strong!


It Does Get Better. The Hard Times Will Disappear. Remember To Keep Your Family Close.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Winter & Sharing YouTube Videos

*Happy Winter*

Well it's officially Winter guys! I honestly do pray that this season is a lot better than the last (Autumn) and I hope that it's filled with much more light, happiness and success. Just remember to stay safe during Winter Break and the rest of this season. Currently in most parts of the UK we are experiencing strong winds and heavy rain :( - However am not letting the weather get me down this Winter and neither should you wherever you are! So here's the plan am going to be blogging everyday up until the last day of this month & 2013 (WOW) which means plenty more blog posts for you ( Lucky People) no am just kidding :P. Am just in shock because it's going to be 2014 in 8 days am honestly not sure how this happened, did we get tricked or something, well it seems that way but i do remember every month since January going by extremely fast, guess that's time and life for you.  

So i decided to kick this week off with a relatively simple yet fun blog post where i will be sharing with you some YouTube videos that I've recently watched and enjoyed. Now this should not come as any surprise to you guys because after all am a YouTube addict ( Amina i think you've already told them that in your recent post, 'Ten Little Things About Me..." oh i did, sorry for repeating it :P ). Is it weird that i can always find something to watch on YouTube, i mean don't get me wrong i do have one of those days sometimes where i can't find anything to watch because i've already decided that am just too bored to watch anything or do anything, pretty pathetic isn't it but however saying that i do majority of the time find something to watch which is great.

***Sharing YouTube Videos***

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...

Just know that nothing is impossible because even 'Impossible' says "I'm Possible" :)

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ten Little Things About Me...

Ten Little Things About Me...

1. I love everything DIY & Fashion related, am honestly a craft lover & fashion junkie.

2. One of my biggest goals in life is that i want all of my hard work/efforts to pay off.

3. Am a YouTube addict, bet you didn't expect that one right? What can i say i just love YT!

4. Enjoying the little things in life is something which i think is highly important.

5. I have a Twin sister if you didn't already know that. We try our best to get along.

6. My biggest dream is that one day, just one day i can hopefully give back to the world.

7. Blogging is something very close to my heart and i try my best to inspire you all. I Do Try.

8. Am the type of person who cries alone, i really hate it when people see me cry.

9. 2013 has actually been one of the hardest years for me sadly but THAT'S LIFE...

10. Some places that i want to travel to are Mecca, Dubai, Italy, New York City.

Prayer. Patience. Positivity = Strength

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Just Someday...

Just Someday, Just Someday, Your Dreams will come true but however Dreams don't come true unless you work hard and unless you believe it. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Goodbye November.. Hello December

Hello Guys...

Hope your all having a great day or night! Am praying that you all have a healthy, blessed and happy Month full of success. This is the last month of 2013, so lets all try to make the most of it by staying positive, spending quality time with your family and by simply being grateful for all you have. Remember don't ever count your losses but instead count all your blessings and am sure you'll realise/see just how blessed you are. I mean sometimes we all go through hard times [[ truthfully am currently going through one :( ]] but the important thing to do during those rough, trying, difficult times is to be patient and hopeful, to just understand and to know that everything happens for a reason whilst at the same time knowing that in fact things do get better. So please if your currently experiencing any hardship, just know that your not alone :) - I'll always be here for you guys, yep am starting to sound a little cheesy but honestly it's true so if you ever want to talk to me then email me (my email can be found under the 'About Me' section). So here's me wishing you all a HAPPY DECEMBER...

Goodbye November... Hello December

It Will Get Better. Just Believe It. Stay Patient.

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