Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Winter & Sharing YouTube Videos

*Happy Winter*

Well it's officially Winter guys! I honestly do pray that this season is a lot better than the last (Autumn) and I hope that it's filled with much more light, happiness and success. Just remember to stay safe during Winter Break and the rest of this season. Currently in most parts of the UK we are experiencing strong winds and heavy rain :( - However am not letting the weather get me down this Winter and neither should you wherever you are! So here's the plan am going to be blogging everyday up until the last day of this month & 2013 (WOW) which means plenty more blog posts for you ( Lucky People) no am just kidding :P. Am just in shock because it's going to be 2014 in 8 days am honestly not sure how this happened, did we get tricked or something, well it seems that way but i do remember every month since January going by extremely fast, guess that's time and life for you.  

So i decided to kick this week off with a relatively simple yet fun blog post where i will be sharing with you some YouTube videos that I've recently watched and enjoyed. Now this should not come as any surprise to you guys because after all am a YouTube addict ( Amina i think you've already told them that in your recent post, 'Ten Little Things About Me..." oh i did, sorry for repeating it :P ). Is it weird that i can always find something to watch on YouTube, i mean don't get me wrong i do have one of those days sometimes where i can't find anything to watch because i've already decided that am just too bored to watch anything or do anything, pretty pathetic isn't it but however saying that i do majority of the time find something to watch which is great.

***Sharing YouTube Videos***

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