Monday, 30 December 2013

Style Spotter: Selena Gomez

Well it's officially December 30th :o - Wow only one day left until 2014... To be honest right now i have mixed emotions on whether am looking forward to 2014 starting or whether am dreading it but in all honesty i think it's a bit of both. Either way i just pray and hope that this upcoming year will be the best yet for all of us, so despite what happened this year (2013) lets all try to stay positive that things will look up for me, you and everyone. Am aware that both DIY & Fashion are my favourite areas to blog/write about and sadly this year i wasn't able to share with you enough posts on both but however hopefully that will all change in the upcoming year as i plan on blogging a whole lot more. 
So let's just get started with this fashion post, today i will be sharing with you a casual outfit which i spotted the lovely Selena Gomez wearing. Now for me to share an outfit with you i must firstly really like it and secondly it has to have the potential in some way to inspire you all to try out new looks or to get out of your little comfort zone and experiment a bit more. I do prefer Selena's casual outfits more compared to her more dressier looks for premieres/events because am more of a casual individual but not only that her outfits usually have a comfortable vibe which i think every girl or women can relate to which is cool.

 Now this casual outfit that i spotted can be worn in my opinion for both summer (warmer weather) or winter (colder weather) but the only difference is that you'll have to adjust this outfit for the winter months by adding more layers for example you can wear it with a denim shirt and a jacket/coat to keep you warm or you could also wear it with your choice of jumper/top/shirt appropriate for the more colder climate and maybe your favourite hoodie over it.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, i mean i know that most people are a bit fussy with having their outfit look perfect, however those individuals must understand that this is a casual look so what's important here is that you feel comfortable yet stylish, which Selena manages to do wonderfully in this outfit. I love everything in this outfit from her shoes to her studded bag, also both her trousers and top are versatile in the sense that they are simple pieces that have the potential to be styled further to create different looks. This outfit has a casual yet put together feel about it whilst at the same time the overall appearance looks simple/classic, so well done to Selena.

Overall i love this outfit from Selena Gomez, she honestly looks cute and what made me want to share this outfit with your guys even more is because am sure that everything she's wearing can be purchased from any high-street store with a inexpensive price tag, obviously you won't be able to find the exact same pieces but am sure you'll be able to find something very similar. I hope this post has inspired you all to try out new things with your style and if you feel like your not exactly ready or too keen on experimenting then why not try incorporating small bits and bobs into your looks be getting a new bag, coat or even new jewellery, my point here is that by starting out small you'll gradually get the confidence to try out more different/unique clothing items, so give it a go guys! 

Link To: Selena Gomez's Outfit Pictures

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