Friday, 27 December 2013

Winter Beauty: Glitter Eyeshadows

Hello Girls!

In this post I wanted to talk about how glitter eye shadows because they sure do add a beautiful touch of glamour. For me I love eye makeup but however I only wear any eye makeup on special occasions like for weddings etc. Am not a big fan of makeup and on a daily basis all I have on my face is either lotion or vaseline. However when the time comes and I have to wear a bit of makeup I would rather create a beautiful eye look and keep the rest of my face including my lips relatively simple and clean with just a touch of bronzer. Now glitter eye shadows are definitely appropriate for parties or special occasions, so I wanted to encourage you all to give it a go the next time your invited to a party or wedding etc.

The glitter eye look isn't exactly for everyone and if your not confident enough to wear a lot of glitter then why not try adding a bit of glitter like in the above picture (on the right) to get a stunning low key effect. However if your a big fan of glitter and your up for experimenting with glitter eye shadows then feel free to go all out like the above picture (on the left) it's entirely up to you on how much glitter you incorporate into your eye makeup just experiment a little and see what works and what doesn't. Makeup should be fun don't feel pressured to wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable but rather think about what might suit your style as an individual, are you all about wearing bold/loud makeup or are you more about wearing makeup that is simple/elegant. Be experimental yet stay true to who you are.

Have Fun This Winter With Glitter Eyeshadows...

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