Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Winter Things - Outdoor Tree Lights

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In today's post i just wanted to share with you guys how much i just love those tree lights, i honestly feel like i might be just a little obsessed. They add such beautiful touch to those leafless trees which wonderfully lights up the streets of the city. Now we all know that these tree lights appear during the holiday season which is understandable however though in my opinion these little lights should not just be restricted to this festive season but rather should be used throughout the whole year, i mean think about how cool it would be (Not everybody's cup of tea but for me, i know i sure would love it without a doubt). I just love seeing these tree lights reappear this time of year, every year.

Recently i was out with my friends for a catch up dinner and i spotted these small-medium sized trees covered with these lovely lights not far off from the tube station that i exited and because i hadn't been out in awhile i was just so happy to see them (mind you that's all i kept looking at, i didn't even notice the people on the streets to be fair hahaha). So yes this post was really nothing special but i thought that i'd just share with you why i love tree lights and because we are currently in the holiday season, it was the perfect opportunity to share it with you guys. Well i hope you all had a great day filled with light and happiness, remember to stay safe and have a great night or day!

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