Wednesday, 22 January 2014

22 Things I Love - 22 Years Young...

Go On Give It A Read...

1. I LOVE staying up all night doing absolutely nothing this includes watching YouTube videos.
2. I LOVE reading inspirational/positive picture quotes or just quotes, it's just great.
3. I LOVE long bus journeys as it gives me some time to reflect and think about life in general.
4. I LOVE that feeling you get after having a productive day, it's honestly an amazing feeling.
5. I LOVE early mornings even though I am a night person. An early start isn't at all bad.
6. I LOVE swimming, always have and always will, at least I hope I will, lets hope.
7. I LOVE looking at pictures of New York because one day I want to travel there.
8. I LOVE the Spring and Summer seasons over Autumn/Winter, I've always been that way.
9. I LOVE the peace and quiet that I get when my two younger brothers are at school.
10. I LOVE taking photo's of the outside world, it's very freeing and relaxing.
11. I LOVE all types of music, it just depends on whether I like the song or not.
12. I LOVE drinking hot chocolate during the colder months, it's my favourite winter drink.
13. I LOVE looking through old photos and just laughing at my little self. It's hilarious.
14. I LOVE rings more than bracelets and necklaces etc, well am just a ring addict.
15. I LOVE those long Summer days, it's honestly makes me super happy which is fab.
16. I LOVE tumblr and twitter the most over any other social network website.
17. I LOVE being makeup free everyday, I rarely ever wear makeup, I just prefer no makeup.
18. I LOVE travelling to new places be within my city or somewhere else. It's so much fun.
19. I LOVE opening my windows daily, even on cold days, I find it very refreshing.
20. I LOVE to eat blueberry muffins whilst my siblings prefer the chocolate chip muffins.
21. I LOVE the months April, May and August, September, my favourite months.
22. I LOVE making goals for myself, a big goal for this year is that I want to be very successful.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, now you know twenty two things that I love...

Posting this on the 22nd of January at 22:22 and am 22 years old hahaha how fun right :P (too many 22's) LOL but just thought it would be a fun idea.

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