Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ariana Grande · My Favourite Songs · Yours Truly

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Hope your all doing well. In today's post i wanted to share with you some of my favourite songs from Ariana Grande's, 'Your Truly' album but before i get to that i just wanted to thank you all personally for all your support, honestly i didn't have a clue in the world on how much blogging would change/influence my life for the better when i started but am indeed very thankful because it has helped me in many ways, with one of them being that i finally know what i want to creatively achieve in my life which is exciting as beforehand i was a little confused as to what creative pathway i wanted to pursue. So Thank You!

Let's get back to the topic of this blog post. Now in my opinion all of the songs from her album are amazing and without a doubt she is a talented singer but however the songs that i haven chosen are simply my favourites. Ariana has quickly become one of my top favourite female singers, she most definitely had a great 2013 with her music. Her voice is stunning and i absolutely love the direction that she took with this album, for me it is totally one of the best albums of last year hands down. I also just love her vocals on her debut studio album, this girl has come such a long way with her music. Am very excited to see what she'll release this year. The songs which i have chosen as my favourites are songs that i instantly loved as soon as i gave it a listen. So i honestly hope you give them all a listen as well...

My Favourite Songs ~ Yours Truly Album 

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Yours Truly... 
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