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Today am bringing you a food post where I will be sharing with you a healthy snack idea that is so much better for you than most snacks. Now majority of people do tend to go for the unhealthy snack option over a healthy one just because it's easier and more importantly they save time because they don't necessarily need to prepare or make anything but however what the majority of people do not really understand is that eating something healthy can be just as easy and quick as grabbing a pack of crisps from your kitchen cupboard. 

Now all you need is a either a plastic cup, container or a jar or anything that can hold all your fruits like a bowl. If you want to carry this snack with you on the go be for work or school then look for something with a lid like a container or jar to keep your fruits fresh until you eat them, don't forget to pack your fork too. This food DIY is very simple, straightforward and fun because the next step is that you just mix together a couple of your favourite fruits and there you have it your very own fruit cup which you can happily enjoy.

 I hope that this fruit post inspires you all to reconsider your unhealthy snack choices in the near future and whilst it is okay to have a bar of chocolate now and again it is also important to note that eating more fruits on a more daily or regular basis is great for you health wise as it'll ensure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. 
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