Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Reaching 30,000 Blog Views! Thank You, Am Grateful.

Hello There!

I cannot believe that i have reached 30,000 + blog views, am super grateful and thankful for all the support from you guys, seriously am just speechless to say the least. Never in a million years did i expect to get this much views on my blog because ultimately my goal was to just have a blog where i could share with you all that i absolutely wanted, so to be sitting here today and seeing how far i have just come is mind blowing. For me it is most definitely about the journey when it comes to doing anything in life whether it be a short term goal or a long term goal, don't get me wrong the destination is always worth it in the end but the journey through the hard and easy times is what shapes us to be the person we are today, we learn some many things along the way that we probably didn't even know about when we first started on this journey that we are on. 

Again thank you for all your support guys it honestly is indescribable and am truly thankful, humbled and happy. My blog has been with me through the hard and easy times in my life especially this past year when things were very difficult for me as an individual, my friends and my family. Everything in life is a learning process and to be successful we have to give it our best shot.
It's the journey that counts...

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