Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Five Beauty Tips - Hope It Helps :)

Hello Girls!

In today's blog post i will be sharing with you all five simple beauty tips which is sure to make you that much more beautiful. I haven't yet done a full blog post yet for this month but am finally getting around to it after being too lazy this past week to upload anything decent so am sorry about that. Sometimes i get these weird phases of just being too tired to blog which is sad because i essentially really do love to blog. Am hoping this week i can bring you great posts to make up for this past week so please keep a look out for more blog posts.
Sometimes we all forget to take care of ourselves be due to a busy school/work life, family or anything else but if we sit down for a second and take a minute to think about it, we can easily find time everyday to do simple things that can make us look and feel beautiful. Honestly i know how difficult most people find it to get some 'me time' on a daily basis to just relax and take care of themselves be having a calming bath, to taking a nap however it's simpler than it seems. All you have to do is say "No" to everything else just for awhile and treat yourself.  Give it a try... 

5 Simple Beauty Tips :)

1. Regularly moisturising your hands can make all the difference to how your hands look. We all neglect our hands most of the time and to be honest our hands go through a lot on a daily basis because we use them for everything we do, my point, remember to take good care of your hands.

2. Remembering to get a good nights sleep everyday will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed, healthy and ready to take on the new day. Sleeping is highly important as it repairs and rests your body, so please do try and get a decent amount of sleep daily.

3. Washing your face in the morning and at night is a great way to get rid of unwanted impurities or any leftover makeup. Doing this everyday will get your face looking fabulous and beautiful, trust me on this because having a good skin care routine is how you maintain a clear complexion.

4. Treat yourself to something satisfying, healthy and yummy that will give you a energy boost when you feel your body starting to feel tired/drained. Honestly this is good for you and your body because you are eating a snack that will keep you going until the next meal. Eat clean, feel beautiful and work hard.

5. A calming bath is a great idea to clean, relax and beautify your body. Since when is treating yourself everyday a bad thing? Exactly it's not, it's always great to do something relaxing after a long day, so next time why not take a relaxing bath to help cleanse and repair your body.

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Smile because it makes you more beautiful, trust me...  

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