Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Spring 2014 | 22 Beautiful Wallpaper Designs

Hello Guys,

In today's blog post i will be sharing with you all twenty two stunning spring pictures which you can use as your wallpaper/background picture for your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc which is an amazing way to add a beautiful pop of colour to your electronic device or computer but it will also act as a beautiful reminder that Spring is finally here and will hopefully get you guys into the Spring Mood. I like to start afresh with every new season for the reason that i believe it's very important to makes changes in your life for the better which means getting rid of all that is bad. Trying to improve your life will bring about many wonderful, great and amazing things that you'd probably never ever thought possible, so please give it a try and make this new season a millions times better than the last, trust me you'll be a lot more happier.
Be More Happy This Spring and Do Smile
Wishing you all a Spectacular Season filled with New Beginnings 
Makes Changes, Work Hard, Stay Thankful

Honestly this is such an exciting blog post for me today because as many of you all know that Spring is my favourite season, this season makes me so happy that i cannot begin to explain it. Also what's exciting is that roughly this time last year i posted a similar blog post where i shared with you all twenty one wallpaper designs, i will link it at the end of this blog post if you want to check it out. Now this year instead of sharing twenty one wallpaper designs i will be sharing twenty two because this month is the last full month that i am twenty two so i thought it would be a cool idea just like i did last year sharing twenty one :). I know right now that it still feels like winter in many parts of the world but don't worry the weather will soon improve, some things take time but honestly it will get better and before you know it, it will be all nice and sunny out. Am just happy that it's finally spring because winter can sometimes be too cold to deal with, i mean who doesn't like warm weather, hot weather like in the summer months is too much but spring is slightly better because the weather is warm but not unbearably hot.

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...
Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through these wonderful spring pictures. Remember these are just twenty two images that i have put together, if you don't like any of these then feel free to choose your own spring picture to use as your wallpaper/background image for your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet etc. I usually like to change up my wallpaper background during the season using other pictures and in this case it would be different spring images because it's fun.

March into Spring with happiness and remember to smile :)
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wow!! 40,000 Views ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

Hello Guys!

Well this is a special blog post because i have reached 40,000+ blog views which is pretty crazy for me to start thinking about because it feels like yesterday when i first hit a 1,000 views so to be sitting here right now writing a thank you post is shocking, amazing and humbling. All i can say is just 'THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE' for reading my blog posts and visiting my blog :D. To me it makes me so happy to even think one person would want to visit my blog, let alone many more. Am very thankful for every view that i get and that's something that i really do mean from my heart <3.

It is such a great way for me to start off Spring on a positive note & on a high, my favourite season, am such a spring person and to be honest am not that surprised given that i was born in the spring time but honestly this has made my week that much more better because to me it proves that you can do anything in life if you just put in the hard work be little or big and if you truly believe in yourself about reaching your goals :D. I feel like crying right now because i just can't believe it, wow it's just insane to think that someone like me could even be a blogger in the first place, insane to think that i could ever go this far and insane to think about the brilliant support from you guys. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything it's unimaginable to think about the amount of support am getting from you lovely lot so thank you guys. Hope you are all having a Spectacular Sunday or day whenever you read this :).


Thursday, 20 March 2014

.Two of a Kind ~ (U.S Tv Series) ~ The Olsen Twins..

Hello Guys.

Hope you are all well, in this post i just wanted to share with you all a great late 90's american sitcom that i have recently been so obsessed with watching. I love funny family shows which can lift your mood, make you laugh and which you can enjoy without ever getting bored and that's exactly what this show does for me. Now recently i have been feeling unwell and so i didn't really have time to get out of my bedroom and head downstairs into my living room to watch some great family tv shows so i then remembered how much i love the Olsen twins. So i then decided to see if any of their older shows were still available to watch on YouTube because i remember watching it not too long ago and loving it completely, anyways luckily it was still uploaded and so i thought you know what am just going to re-watch it again and enjoy myself.

All i have been doing recently these past couple of days whilst i was resting in my bedroom is to go onto YouTube to watch 'Two of a Kind', it was great because both Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are very talented actresses, funny and brilliant to watch especially them as children or in this case as pre-teens because they are so hilarious. Mary-Kate is my favourite in the show because i can somewhat relate to her being the less girly twin (am a twin if you didn't know), her sense of humour/jokes and her character in the show, she's definitely my favourite to watch, she's just adorable and hilarious, although i do like Ashley and everybody else. All in all a cool late 90's family TV show for all to enjoy i wish more shows like this were made nowadays. If you haven't yet watched it then feel free to check it out whenever you have the time via YouTube.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Ebay Time - Ladies Mid Heel Ankle Strap Shoes

Hello Girls,,,

In this post i want to share with you all a recent purchase from Ebay that my sister brought for me for a special occasion that i will be attending later this week. Now am not a heels or wedges person because i prefer to wear flats both for casual days and for special events/occasions but however having said that i have in the past worn heels and wedges but personally they were definitely not comfortable to walk around in all night, trust me on that. So recently i was thinking about some shoes that i could wear that could give me a little bit of height whilst still being super comfortable to walk in and so that's when i started browsing Ebay to see if i could find something suitable, stylish and simple. To my luck i did and i was thrilled to have found these mid heel ankle strap shoes which i personally think are great and comfortable.

I have these mid heel shoes in a nude beige suede because they match my outfit the best, i also decided to go with a different colour other than black because i already have a few heels/wedges in black (change is a good thing) also given than they are a neutral colour they will just about go with any outfit. I've tried them on since i received them and honestly they feel amazing on and the ankle straps make them feel more secure on. They can easily transition from day to night, from casual to dressy, these shoes are just cool. Personally what makes these mid heel shoes comfortable is the almost levelled platform wedge like heel, they just about can be compared to a flat shoe but with the slight difference that these are a bit higher with a medium platform wedge heel. Wearing them feels like a flat shoe with a platform hence why it can also be called 'Flatforms' because it's like a flat shoe with a slight platform.

Flatforms, the new way to feel comfortable & look cool...
A Closer Look At My Nude-Beige Suede Shoes --->>

Comfort is always important in my opinion, these mid heel ankle strap shoes aren't for everyone but for me they are ideal as i can now walk around with a slight lift without feeling uncomfortable. Am definitely into the mid heels/flatforms than those high heels or wedges. These shoes are perfect for me because i would much rather wear a lower heel and be super comfortable than wear a uncomfortably high heel.

.Be the 1 to Aspire 2 Inspire..

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Mid Heel Ankle Strap Shoes
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Do what makes you happy...

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Healthy Eating: Fully Raw Kristina: Be Inspired
Hiya Guys...

Recently here in London the weather has been really pleasant, warm and sunny and honestly i have been loving it. We've been getting some great weather and that's something i am truly grateful for because usually the weather for late winter/pre-spring is somewhat colder in March but not recently thankfully. Today was a great Sunday for me as i just stayed at home relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather in the comfort of my home staring at outside from inside. London reached a high of 19 Degrees Celsius today which was awesome but i wished i had been out because today seemed picturesque. All in all many and myself have loved the warmer weather and i hope it continues.

Be inspired & live healthier.

In today's blog post i wanted to share with you a YouTube channel that i have been following for quite some time now by the beautiful Kristina called, 'FullyRawKristina'. I honestly love her channel as it inspires me to eat more healthy everyday. She is super fun to watch, is inspirational and all her videos are beautifully filmed, edited and put together. Am at the stage in my life where i do want to change my eating habits for the better in order to feel more stronger, healthier, energetic and better about myself, so her YouTube Channel is a must for me because it's a place where i can learn more about eating, breathing and living a healthier lifestyle. I can learn more about eating raw fruits and vegetables and most importantly i can learn how to make simple recipes which i can enjoy on my own, with my family or friends. To me she is an incredible young women, a healthy example to all and like a big sister who inspires me everyday :). Please do check out her amazing channel.

My 2014 Favourites ~ Fully Raw Kristina:

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Monday, 10 March 2014


Hello Girls!

Hope you are all doing well today. Haven't blogged for what seems quite some time now and honestly i do have my reasons but they are personal so i probably should keep it to myself but am very very very sorry. Life can get very hectic at times and i find myself not uploading as much as i should be and then am wondering how i can make time to blog it's honestly like a cycle because everyday i tell myself that today will be the day for me to upload something but then it never happens haha it's pretty sad yet hilarious but one thing i want you guys to know is that i honestly do try my best :).

Today am bringing you all a very simple yet happy blog post where i will be sharing with you all ten things that make me happy. I love being happy so i thought this would be an appropriate topic to cover today. Happiness is something you have to choose, most of the time we all wrap ourselves in our stress or lives and we therefore lose focus of what's important in life which is our happiness. Now am not claiming that am always happy 24/7 but rather what am saying is that you can try to be happy majority of the time over being sad or upset because realistically it's the better option, trust me on that.


1. The Spring Time makes me really happy because it's my favourite season. Am a spring person.
2. Blogging makes me happy, not many people who know me know this but I love it so much.
3. Making others happy in return makes me happy because I know I lifted their mood/s.
4. Having good health is very important to me, so being healthy everyday makes me happy.
5. Warm weather in the Spring or Summer gets me feeling super happy, I prefer the warmth.
6. Giving back to those less fortunate is amazing, whenever I do give back am always happy.
7. Eating pancakes, where do I start, am obsessed with pancakes, happy when am eating it.
8. Am happy when am laying in bed resting whilst watching YouTube videos, it's so relaxing. 
9. Listening to fun, upbeat, catchy songs also can make me feel very happy indeed, music is cool.
10. Seeing little children play outside or in general is a mood lifter for me, it makes me happy.

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Choose to be happy for it is the better option, trust me :)

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hello March!!!

Heeey March.... 

Am so happy that it's finally March because that means it's almost Spring, ahhh i can almost smell those blossoms :). Am such a Spring person even though the weather here in the UK isn't always that great but still i look forward to those wonderful warm & bright spring days, i literally live for them. Am also hoping to post 22 blog posts for you guys this month because it is the last month that i am 22, just thought it would be a great idea. Recently life for me has been good but with life there will always be ups and downs in every day, week, month, season and year, for me i usually try my very best to stay positive and when that doesn't work i do what makes me happy which will in turn lift my mood. 

I don't know about you guys but i find sitting in my bedroom in peace very soothing at times of stress or hardship, it's a great place for me to go to relax and get away from everything. Anyways here's me wishing you all a better March, i hope that you all try your very best to make this month as wonderful as you possibly can. It may not seem easy at first but with the right attitude and the right mindset you'll see just how great you can make this month be. 

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...

Every month is like a new chapter, make it much better than the last :)