Monday, 10 March 2014


Hello Girls!

Hope you are all doing well today. Haven't blogged for what seems quite some time now and honestly i do have my reasons but they are personal so i probably should keep it to myself but am very very very sorry. Life can get very hectic at times and i find myself not uploading as much as i should be and then am wondering how i can make time to blog it's honestly like a cycle because everyday i tell myself that today will be the day for me to upload something but then it never happens haha it's pretty sad yet hilarious but one thing i want you guys to know is that i honestly do try my best :).

Today am bringing you all a very simple yet happy blog post where i will be sharing with you all ten things that make me happy. I love being happy so i thought this would be an appropriate topic to cover today. Happiness is something you have to choose, most of the time we all wrap ourselves in our stress or lives and we therefore lose focus of what's important in life which is our happiness. Now am not claiming that am always happy 24/7 but rather what am saying is that you can try to be happy majority of the time over being sad or upset because realistically it's the better option, trust me on that.


1. The Spring Time makes me really happy because it's my favourite season. Am a spring person.
2. Blogging makes me happy, not many people who know me know this but I love it so much.
3. Making others happy in return makes me happy because I know I lifted their mood/s.
4. Having good health is very important to me, so being healthy everyday makes me happy.
5. Warm weather in the Spring or Summer gets me feeling super happy, I prefer the warmth.
6. Giving back to those less fortunate is amazing, whenever I do give back am always happy.
7. Eating pancakes, where do I start, am obsessed with pancakes, happy when am eating it.
8. Am happy when am laying in bed resting whilst watching YouTube videos, it's so relaxing. 
9. Listening to fun, upbeat, catchy songs also can make me feel very happy indeed, music is cool.
10. Seeing little children play outside or in general is a mood lifter for me, it makes me happy.

Be The 1 To Aspire 2 Inspire...

Choose to be happy for it is the better option, trust me :)

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