Monday, 17 March 2014

Ebay Time - Ladies Mid Heel Ankle Strap Shoes

Hello Girls,,,

In this post i want to share with you all a recent purchase from Ebay that my sister brought for me for a special occasion that i will be attending later this week. Now am not a heels or wedges person because i prefer to wear flats both for casual days and for special events/occasions but however having said that i have in the past worn heels and wedges but personally they were definitely not comfortable to walk around in all night, trust me on that. So recently i was thinking about some shoes that i could wear that could give me a little bit of height whilst still being super comfortable to walk in and so that's when i started browsing Ebay to see if i could find something suitable, stylish and simple. To my luck i did and i was thrilled to have found these mid heel ankle strap shoes which i personally think are great and comfortable.

I have these mid heel shoes in a nude beige suede because they match my outfit the best, i also decided to go with a different colour other than black because i already have a few heels/wedges in black (change is a good thing) also given than they are a neutral colour they will just about go with any outfit. I've tried them on since i received them and honestly they feel amazing on and the ankle straps make them feel more secure on. They can easily transition from day to night, from casual to dressy, these shoes are just cool. Personally what makes these mid heel shoes comfortable is the almost levelled platform wedge like heel, they just about can be compared to a flat shoe but with the slight difference that these are a bit higher with a medium platform wedge heel. Wearing them feels like a flat shoe with a platform hence why it can also be called 'Flatforms' because it's like a flat shoe with a slight platform.

Flatforms, the new way to feel comfortable & look cool...
A Closer Look At My Nude-Beige Suede Shoes --->>

Comfort is always important in my opinion, these mid heel ankle strap shoes aren't for everyone but for me they are ideal as i can now walk around with a slight lift without feeling uncomfortable. Am definitely into the mid heels/flatforms than those high heels or wedges. These shoes are perfect for me because i would much rather wear a lower heel and be super comfortable than wear a uncomfortably high heel.

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  1. I have shoes similar to that but I dont know what I should wear that could match the shoes. Do you have any suggested outfit?

    1. I've only just seen your comment, am sorry for the late reply :). I would suggest you experiment a little for example when looking for an outfit idea try to focus on the shoes so that would mean styling your entire outfits around the shoes. You can easily pair them with trousers, a lovely sophisticated top and a blazer for a smarter appearance/look for a more casual look why not wear them with a skirt (of your desired length) a casual shirt/top or t-shirt and a jacket/cardigan or even a hoodie. Hope i helped in some way. Just have fun experimenting and looking online for inspiration or outfit ideas. Nothing is ever wrong in fashion it's about dressing the way you want :).

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    1. Thank You, hope you enjoyed reading this blog post :)