Sunday, 16 March 2014

Healthy Eating: Fully Raw Kristina: Be Inspired
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Recently here in London the weather has been really pleasant, warm and sunny and honestly i have been loving it. We've been getting some great weather and that's something i am truly grateful for because usually the weather for late winter/pre-spring is somewhat colder in March but not recently thankfully. Today was a great Sunday for me as i just stayed at home relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather in the comfort of my home staring at outside from inside. London reached a high of 19 Degrees Celsius today which was awesome but i wished i had been out because today seemed picturesque. All in all many and myself have loved the warmer weather and i hope it continues.

Be inspired & live healthier.

In today's blog post i wanted to share with you a YouTube channel that i have been following for quite some time now by the beautiful Kristina called, 'FullyRawKristina'. I honestly love her channel as it inspires me to eat more healthy everyday. She is super fun to watch, is inspirational and all her videos are beautifully filmed, edited and put together. Am at the stage in my life where i do want to change my eating habits for the better in order to feel more stronger, healthier, energetic and better about myself, so her YouTube Channel is a must for me because it's a place where i can learn more about eating, breathing and living a healthier lifestyle. I can learn more about eating raw fruits and vegetables and most importantly i can learn how to make simple recipes which i can enjoy on my own, with my family or friends. To me she is an incredible young women, a healthy example to all and like a big sister who inspires me everyday :). Please do check out her amazing channel.

My 2014 Favourites ~ Fully Raw Kristina:

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