Thursday, 20 March 2014

.Two of a Kind ~ (U.S Tv Series) ~ The Olsen Twins..

Hello Guys.

Hope you are all well, in this post i just wanted to share with you all a great late 90's american sitcom that i have recently been so obsessed with watching. I love funny family shows which can lift your mood, make you laugh and which you can enjoy without ever getting bored and that's exactly what this show does for me. Now recently i have been feeling unwell and so i didn't really have time to get out of my bedroom and head downstairs into my living room to watch some great family tv shows so i then remembered how much i love the Olsen twins. So i then decided to see if any of their older shows were still available to watch on YouTube because i remember watching it not too long ago and loving it completely, anyways luckily it was still uploaded and so i thought you know what am just going to re-watch it again and enjoy myself.

All i have been doing recently these past couple of days whilst i was resting in my bedroom is to go onto YouTube to watch 'Two of a Kind', it was great because both Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are very talented actresses, funny and brilliant to watch especially them as children or in this case as pre-teens because they are so hilarious. Mary-Kate is my favourite in the show because i can somewhat relate to her being the less girly twin (am a twin if you didn't know), her sense of humour/jokes and her character in the show, she's definitely my favourite to watch, she's just adorable and hilarious, although i do like Ashley and everybody else. All in all a cool late 90's family TV show for all to enjoy i wish more shows like this were made nowadays. If you haven't yet watched it then feel free to check it out whenever you have the time via YouTube.


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