Wednesday, 30 April 2014

✿ Spring Things · Beautiful Flowers ✿

Hello People

Well it's officially the last day of April and what a month it has been for me, you know this month has actually been great despite some of the bad times, however am happy that there were also good times :). I am someone who likes to be optimistic most of the time but truthfully sometimes it is very hard when there is a lot of negativity going around and when other individuals or group of people aren't quite as positive, so that can definitely make it a lot harder for me to try and be happy, positive and hopeful. If there's anything that I have learnt this month is to continue to stay appreciative, humble and optimistic regardless of whatever is going on in my life because life is way too short for me or for anybody else to be sad, negative or disrespectful.

Today I wanted to write about how much I love those beautiful spring flowers. It makes me super happy seeing them whenever am outside or even on the internet. It just shows us that Spring (my favourite season if you didn't already know that) is finally here. The vibrant colours, the different types of flowers and the stunning scents is enough to get me feeling cheery :). I love being outdoors this time of year because the weather is warmer, we get more sun and the flowers are growing again after the long cold winter months. The only downside to this time of year is that I hate those bees and wasps that are literally everywhere, am not going to lie, they scare me slightly ever since I could remember, sad thing is that there's not much that I can do other than to just accept it and get on with my life. All in all seeing those fresh beautiful spring flowers is more than enough to make me smile, feel happy and make me thankful for spring.

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✿ Something About Spring Flowers That Gets Me Feeling Happy ✿

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Things: G Hannelius ~ Stay Away

Hello There...

I hope you guys are having an amazing day or night depending on where you live in the world :). You know am completely in shock that my favourite month of the year is almost gone i mean i just don't get it really because it does really feel like yesterday that April started so to be sitting here today thinking about how tomorrow is sadly the last day of the month is just upsetting to me but however i am looking forward to May because even though i love April dearly, May is my second favourite, so it's all good even though am still a little upset but don't tell anyone i told you that ;). 

So in todays blog post i wanted to share with you all a stunning song, 'Stay Away', which i recently discovered by the talented, adorable and very beautiful actress and singer, 'G Hannelius'. This song is honestly amazing because it's not everyday that i hear a song with a chill vibe and it's stunningly refreshing to hear such a young individual record something so smooth, lovely and relaxing, it's different which i very much like. In case you are wondering i only found this song this past week so it's not too long ago. It's amazing to hear the beautifully well written lyrics and hear a song which you can listen to and feel reflective yet relaxed at the same time. I really do love hearing unique songs like this one by G Hannelius. I am really happy to have discovered this lovely song, G did a wonderful job :).

Always try to be the best person you can possibly be, don't let anything stop you.
...Be Thankful For Every Second, Minute, Hour, Day...
..Reflect often, think about the changes that you can make in your life..
Appreciate Those Special Moments Always...

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Chill Vibes is something we should include in our everyday lives


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Keep Calm & Think Positively - 4 Reasons Why!

4 Reasons WHY You Should Think Positively...

1| Life is too short to always be negative. Be calm, think happy thoughts and stay positive.
2| Remember how blessed you are on a daily basis and appreciate all you have right now.
3| Behind every success is a positive mind and attitude, amazing things can come from positivity.
4| Those who think positively will be the winners in the end. Are you ready to try it?
I challenge you to think positively for an entire week, go on give it a try!
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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Hey There,

Hope you guys have a great weekend filled with fun moments, laughter and happiness, remember to appreciate everything in your life right now, from your health to your family :). Before i get into this blog post i still cannot believe how there's only a few days left of my favourite month 'April' i think am going to cry, no am just kidding :P but still am sad because this month literally flew by. I just don't want this month to end but it's going to soon which isn't exactly great news for me but you know what that's life for you. Am just going to try to enjoy this last weekend of April to the fullest and i hope you guys do so too.

Now that Spring is here it got me thinking about my eating habits and i've realised that am not always eating as healthy as i should be so this, in someway inspired this blog post today because i now want to eat a lot lighter this season. Having a healthy lifestyle/diet is what will get you looking your best this Spring and i really do mean that, it's not always about eating healthy and clean but also about looking after yourself, your body and exercising on a regular basis. Spring is the time where you want to start thinking about what you consume in order to start preparing your body for the warmer/hotter months of the year because realistically you do not want to be overeating or eating too much junk food or unhealthy snacks when the weather starts to get warmer, rather you want to be eating fresh fruits/vegetables and drinking more water. Eating lighter will certainly ensure you feel great, refreshed and a lot healthier :).

It's like spring cleaning but in this case you're spring cleaning your diet and incorporating a lot more fresh produce, this is important as you will be getting all the nutrients and vitamins you and your body needs to function properly. So be sure to stock up on more vegetables, fruits and healthier foods, also remember to keep your junk food consumption to a minimum. I hope this blog post inspires you all to have fun with what you eat at lunch.These are just a couple of lunch ideas am about to show you so please do feel free to come up with your own ideas to make your lunch time meals more nutritious and healthy. Try to change it up every once in awhile with what you eat at lunch, after all keeping it the same will get boring. Every meal should be fun to prepare, so remember to have fun in the kitchen.

.Eat Light & Eat Clean This Spring.. 
..Healthy Lunch Ideas. 

Hope you guys enjoy your day & your weekend

::My 2 Favourite Songs Right Now:
Victoria Justice - Here's 2 Us (:
G Hannelius - Stay Away <3

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Make Lunch Time Fun, Eating Healthy Can Be Easy, Eat Light This Spring

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maxi Skirts, Simplicity, Modest Styles

Hello Girls,

Hope your day is going great whenever you read this be today or another day. Remember you are in control of your day, never let a single negative thought, comment or thing ruin your day. Be a lot more wiser and know that each and every day can be filled with goodness if you choose to smile, stay positive and remember how blessed you are to be alive for another day. 

In today's topic i just wanted to talk about how maxi skirts can be fun to wear as well as modest and stylish, nowadays not many women/girls know how to style maxi skirts but am hoping with a little inspiration you can choose to wear more maxi skirts this spring season. Now the two images that i have put together show two very different yet simple looks. The first image shows more of the outfit which is good as you get to see the top, accessories and maxi skirt styled together, this outfit would definitely be great for an evening out even though the outfit has both dressy and casual elements. The second image only shows a section of the outfit but i chose this image because of the simple earthy tones it contains i just love it because even though you don't get to see the full outfit it still inspires you to style maxi skirts your own way and the way you want. 

Overall both looks captures the simplicity that comes with maxi skirts and the spring time. I hope that you girls try to have fun with your outfits when it comes to wearing longer skirts. It's simpler than it looks to style a maxi skirt. Play around with different colours, accessories and looks and see what works for you. Hope this blog post inspired you girls :).
Modesty will always be in style, trust me...

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

☀ My Simple Guide · For This Spring ☀

Hello There. 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today i wanted to share with you all my simple guide that i will hopefully remember to make this season be more better, fun and wonderful. Now am the type of person who likes to start afresh and do the best i possibly can to make every season miles better than the last and so am hoping by sharing what am about to it will maybe inspire you guys to make this spring spectacular. Knowing that Spring is my favourite season i wanted to come up with five things that i should remember to make my time during this season great. These are just five things, you can totally add to it because i probably might do so, the more the better. Hope it helps you out or inspires you. 

5 Things To Remember For Me & You:

1. To be healthy you must eat clean, so try to incorporate healthier foods in your diet.

2. Just know that everything in life is possible, all it takes is for you to believe and work for it.

3. Spend those warm sunny days outside with your family/friends, be thankful for them.

4. Don't run away from your problems, there's always a solution, try to fix it and be brave.

5. Happiness is all in the mind, it's about changing the way you think, we can all be Happy.

☀Spring into Spring this year with Positivity☀ 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Health | Simple Ways To Relax | 4 Ideas

.Hello People.

Today am bringing you people a post on simple ways you can relax. In my opinion relaxing should be something that is easy right but however there are those days when we just cannot find a way to relax no matter how hard we truly try, trust me on that i go through those phases sometimes and it can be very irritating, so that's why am here to hopefully help, inspire you guys and give you some suggestions on simple ways to relax today. Relaxing is very healthy for the body especially during times when you are very stressed whether it be on a daily basis or not. I personally love to relax whether am stressed or not, in order to be healthy we all need to understand when our bodies need to rest and unwind. So remember next time that you are feeling stressed to take a break and relax, it'll help you and your body out a lot.

Before i get into today's blog post i just wanted to wish you guys a wonderful week filled with success, many blessings and love. Remember that things can actually get better despite how terrible they may seem right now. We all have our ups and downs every week but the important thing to understand is that life will always be filled with many hardships but don't let that be a reason to get you feeling upset or disheartened but rather push yourself up and look on the bright side of life because then you'll know just how great life can be too. Stay strong, stay positive, stay determined and all will become better very soon hopefully.

Simple Ways To Relax | 4 Ideas
1. This may sound funny but listening to nature sounds is a good idea to block out the world or any noise to just be in your own world of peace, relaxation and calm, whilst listening to your choice of sound. One of my favourites is the ocean sounds. If the nature sounds is not for you then you can also try listening to relaxing music, this also works too. I usually listen to mine via YouTube. If you ever need to be at peace then give it a try.

2. You can't go wrong with a lovely warm bath to relax and end your day. Having a bath is good for the body as you are relaxing away any stress, body pain or aches. Sometimes we all forget that something as simple as taking a bath is enough for us to rest and relax.

3. Find a peaceful atmosphere to get away from everything for a little while be a park or even your own bedroom. This is a great idea as you need a way to relax and clear your mind. Remember to go to a very quiet and calm place as this will ensure your body gets all the relaxation it needs, i personally use my bedroom to relax majority of the time as i just lay on my bed and relax my entire body, this is a great way to unwind after a long day.

4. This one may not be for everyone but i find that watching a good movie helps to take your mind off things and to just simply relax. I love this idea, it's easy yet simple and all you need to do is watch a good, fun, happy movie that will get you feeling all rested up. Give it a go.

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Find time in every single day to relax...
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Monday, 7 April 2014

::Take the Good with the Bad::

Sometimes life is scary, we all over think our lives, our problems and well just everything but have we considered to take a minute to count our blessings, a minute to appreciate all we have or even a minute to actually realise that our life isn't actually as bad as we may think it is?
 Most of the time we worry or get upset over the silliest/littlest things in life which when we look back on was unnecessary. So please guys, remember to be thankful for all that is in your life and all that you have. Life can change for us all in the blink of an eye which is slightly frightening to think about, however we should take the good with the bad and accept that everything happens for a reason. 

::Take the Good with the Bad:::

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekend Music: Pharrell Williams - Happy

Hello Guys...

Today i wanted to share with you all a song which i have been recently loving and listening to nonstop by (Pharell Williams - Happy) and it's definitely a mood lifter because it's a song which am very sure will get you feeling happy and in a cheery mood. Now i've heard this song before here and there but i never actually got the chance to sit down and properly listen to it but however i had the time recently to do that this week and i must say i was hooked, i kept this song on repeat for awhile because that's how obsessed i became with this upbeat, catchy and fun song, I couldn't stop listening to it. This song has become a favourite for me this week. Pharrell totally did a great job with this song as a whole, the music video is also great. Be sure to check it out :)


A "EPIC" Cover by The Talented British R&B Singer-Songwriter, "Angel".
I love this cover by Angel, honestly his vocals are on point, amazing and epic. 
.Talented Singers. A Epic Cover. Stunning Voices. 
Two Ladies singing backing vocals also did a Fabulous Job.
Be Sure to give it a watch/listen because am sure you'll be blown away :).

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Have A Spectacular Sunday Whatever Your Plans & Remember To Stay Safe.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hello April, Please Be Good...

Hello People.

It's April then and i am actually really glad because this is my favourite month/time of the year because it's two of my favourite things put together, it's Spring & it's April, for me it really cannot get any better than that really :). However as much as i love this season it really does have a few down sides with one of them being those annoying bees or wasps flying around trying to attack me but i must appreciate all the up sides because they outweigh the few not so great parts of Spring. I just love this month and am honestly praying, hoping and patiently waiting for many good things to come my way this month as well as for my family, friends and you guys. This month can easily be amazing it just depends on your mindset. So remember to be thankful.

Yesterday was my 23rd Birthday and it was a great day filled with goodness even though at times throughout the day i felt myself not really being in the b-day mood but other than that all was well thankfully. Me and my twin sister couldn't really get over how quickly time flies because we remember it like it was yesterday when we turned 20, so to be turning 23 is definitely scary for us. A lot has changed since 2011 but at the same time a lot has stayed the same which is good, so it's a good balance i feel between the two. Sometimes i do feel really old but then i realise that you know what am still young so it's all good for now :D. Am hoping that this year is better than the last for me and for everybody else. I really try to be optimistic majority of the time but obviously i do have those days where i do feel sad, very low or upset etc which is fine i guess. Blogging is cool and for me it's weird to still think that i've stuck to it since i started, mind you i do have them days where i think to myself, "why do i even blog" hahaha but it's all good. Have an Epic APRIL!!!

Happy April. Happiness Is A Choice. Live Happily.

Love You Guys!