Saturday, 26 April 2014


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Hope you guys have a great weekend filled with fun moments, laughter and happiness, remember to appreciate everything in your life right now, from your health to your family :). Before i get into this blog post i still cannot believe how there's only a few days left of my favourite month 'April' i think am going to cry, no am just kidding :P but still am sad because this month literally flew by. I just don't want this month to end but it's going to soon which isn't exactly great news for me but you know what that's life for you. Am just going to try to enjoy this last weekend of April to the fullest and i hope you guys do so too.

Now that Spring is here it got me thinking about my eating habits and i've realised that am not always eating as healthy as i should be so this, in someway inspired this blog post today because i now want to eat a lot lighter this season. Having a healthy lifestyle/diet is what will get you looking your best this Spring and i really do mean that, it's not always about eating healthy and clean but also about looking after yourself, your body and exercising on a regular basis. Spring is the time where you want to start thinking about what you consume in order to start preparing your body for the warmer/hotter months of the year because realistically you do not want to be overeating or eating too much junk food or unhealthy snacks when the weather starts to get warmer, rather you want to be eating fresh fruits/vegetables and drinking more water. Eating lighter will certainly ensure you feel great, refreshed and a lot healthier :).

It's like spring cleaning but in this case you're spring cleaning your diet and incorporating a lot more fresh produce, this is important as you will be getting all the nutrients and vitamins you and your body needs to function properly. So be sure to stock up on more vegetables, fruits and healthier foods, also remember to keep your junk food consumption to a minimum. I hope this blog post inspires you all to have fun with what you eat at lunch.These are just a couple of lunch ideas am about to show you so please do feel free to come up with your own ideas to make your lunch time meals more nutritious and healthy. Try to change it up every once in awhile with what you eat at lunch, after all keeping it the same will get boring. Every meal should be fun to prepare, so remember to have fun in the kitchen.

.Eat Light & Eat Clean This Spring.. 
..Healthy Lunch Ideas. 

Hope you guys enjoy your day & your weekend

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